I find myself running out of this Government hospital, with my hurting feet, I cared less, I was ready to endure it, after seeing more than enough. vivid memories…I still see… I see a man with a gaping wound and a drip stand begging for money to feed and pay his hospital bills in order to continue his treatment, oh!the stench was so foreign to me ,possibly an inpatient allowed to roam outside his ward. hello…This was in the waiting room . I see an old man struggling to wear his slippers, he goes on and on for almost twenty minutes, because he is shaking all over, obviously from a previous stroke incident. I think of my father who I haven’t seen in a year because I am faraway in search for greener pastures. I immersed myself into this ugly reality, this was out of the comfort of my home and daily routine (office-church-home-cinema-weddings-parties-beach) and these weights squeezed tears out of me. It wasn’t long when I started wailing and screaming at the doctor because he couldn’t do anything ,a while back, but now, I know he cant do anything. the situation is way bigger than him. Even the president is out of the country ,this is eighty-something days and counting ,for medical treatment. I can still see in my mind’s eyes…The doctor screaming back at me because I am rude at his helplessness. He was overwhelmed with the suffering, I guess, lack of Facilities, no timely reward, as salaries were owed and drugs are scarce around him. His Compassion flew out of his window; His hands are tied with his stethoscope. I watched him with disgust as he screams “get out”, I see his clumsily tied neck-tie and his white-turned-cream shirt. Cleanliness should come with his profession but how much is a bar of washing soap when the government hasn’t paid his wages for a monthly job? I remember …the tumor that was staring at me a while back, yes, and the wailing old man who had no money for his surgery, help by his grandsons. Reality was scary, so leaving my hospital file halfway the tedious process, I picked my bag and fled, I ran out of the hospital as if I was chased by demons. I really wanted peace , the good old world, no ailment, working hospital systems and to hide away from all these I must; so I escaped into my make belief world. Into the tricycle ,we call , keke in Lagos, I was wailing till the driver asked” madam, wetin? ” ,then I realised ,I had no reason for the tears so I stopped and answered “nothing”, he had this weird look on his face but I didn’t care and he faced his front and continued with his driving. I thought probably , it was the norm but I was just cut away from this side of the town. My office’s medical scheme enabled me to go to the posh private hospitals for our pain killers and malaria drugs. This we enjoyed without knowing we were enjoying until the privilege was lifted, the office couldn’t pay the bills and I found myself in this public hospital watching this horror.my darkened feet stopped hurting, I suddenly had no issue and off to the office I went. The memories haunted me …they are still haunting. I got thinking…for how long will I run, my mind has to embrace this. I have where to download this load, at the altar, I drop it there daily and its easier. On the streets of Lagos, I wailed uncontrollably, Jesus must hear this! I told God all, I asked him “why, why this suffering? Do they know you?” “After you drop this load, go back and help them mop out their issues with your hope of a better life. One at a time, anyone you meet on this thoroughfare, sow love, don’t run away, sow kindness, give hope, give purpose, tell them about me When your heart is overwhelmed, I will lead you to the rock that is higher than you. Tell them about this rock that is higher than them, I have overcome the world” He says, my grace is enough for you….to the work, to the work!!!! The NEW task is learning how to sow seeds of compassion, love, kindness without being overwhelmed.