All I see and hear today is “Focus”. Yesterday, I heard something different. I heard this, “What I may think is bad for me may be the best after all”. Okay! This “focus” topic is not entirely new to me .In fact, last year, I was so obsessed with this word, and this obsession helped me to tick my 2016 list beautifully .Unlike This year,2017, which came with bangs of failed Expectations and Deaths of loved Ones ,my faith was so tiny at the beginning. I could say half, No! Quarter of a mustard seed. I think it shrunk then, but it grew back after reading a lot from the good old book. The year is rolling down to an DECEMBER 31ST,I am so prepared and I am with living carefully, so why would “Focus” come so strong and echo time and time again today, I am putting all my heart in making sure I don’t recklessly spend the little I have ,so I don’t end up in debts. So why focus when I am already at it, I thought of The four Ws…Where, who, what, when. I should be able to tell the distractions from what I am to focus on. So I can choose what to starve and what to feed. As I got my thinking cap on today, I realized that last week Friday was a brainstorming day, I pondered on which new business to venture in , I love photography but I got discouraged about the weight of the professional cameras and lens. That was Sometimes back, after helping a friend cover his party. what a mild reason to be discouraged, you may conclude; but you know, if you are not so ready or willing to start something, any excuse will be fine and this was fine enough to justify my lack of money to pick a professional camera .I thought of so many things, from throw pillows to earrings, from jumpsuits to selling children and ladies wrist watches .I practically roamed for hours on Ali Baba. Focus sounds like I should stay with the photography option. Besides you use cameras to focus on images… I am not smiling oo, I am very serious right now. WHAT IS FOCUS? I asked this question and I saved this file, after closing it, I walked away. I made up my mind that I will wait for answers from God, I didn’t wait so long, it was just for a day. I continued working and waiting for God to speak and he spoke a day later. It was from the pulpit, yesterday, during midweek service, the preacher spoke on Focus; see, God truly speaks if we tune in to hear him. The preacher kept going on about the word “Focus “and I was like wawuuu! With an oval opened mouth and popped out eyes, I listened and took notes…he said “The lion has its strong jaws to crush it’s preys’ flesh and even the bones, the cheetah can run faster than any animal out there, the eagle can rise high, these are their weapons …your weapon is your mind and with this mind, man created weapons to defend himself from Lions, he made Airplanes that fly higher than Eagles, Cars that outrun the Cheetah, the mind is powerful .God will not allow you to be in a place ,you can’t use your mind to get out, your mind gets tied up with worry. Think! Soldier, use your weapon! If you can get the focus right, the image becomes sharp. How you see his kingdom and your role in that kingdom matters. Focus on who the king is. As you focus on him, you won’t focus on your struggle. The devil is after your mind, not your brushed car, he is taking your mind away from focusing ON GOD. Your father knows about your emotional and physical pain, he knows about the doctor’s diagnosis. Don’t shift your focus, stay on God. God doesn’t want us worrying; for worry is the absence of Pleasure. The devil can only use your mind, if it’s in a bad place. It will take you a life time to see all that God has in store for you. So focus on God and not on your worries.