I have been quite bold about my ignorance, recently, I stopped shying away from it, I stopped hiding it in my pocket, I now say it out so I can get solutions and it’s been allowing me to see more things in different ways, this includes putting out my private blog this November 2017,for me it was a hard one revealing the parts of life that I had no knowledge of, may be it was the laughter or the teasing that came with it as others reacted to the discovery that made me feel a bit of shame.
I never wanted to be seen as an ignorant person but guess what? I realised late that almost everybody is ignorant of one thing or the other or could I say it dawned on me? I may not know how to split firewood but I know how to fetch water from the well, this is knowledge to me , I remember when I was done with secondary school and that was the time my preacher parents felt it was right to move from the town to the villages to plant churches, learning how to do stuff was funny to the residents, they would laugh at my ignorance and each time I come back to visit the towns, they would also laugh at my ignorance and the fact that I was still single at sixteen was still an embarrassment to the natives ,don’t laugh oo, I learnt a lot before we left the village, putting the right firewood ,putting the tips together and delicately nursing the little fire to grow to a point of boiling hard yams, I tasted hippopotamus meat and I learnt, you need to boil with a nail to soften it.
Mother would always say, all this experiential knowledge will help us in the future and it will give us a more rounded form of life. Her favourite quote from her missionary mentor was “the best education, trains the hands and the brain”.
The shame attached to Ignorance keeps most people off, Ignorance is not stupidity, asking questions will help us transform our lives, fill our lives with curiosity, inventions and not embarrassment. With this post I encourage all of us to know what we don’t know. Questions should be asked, solutions should be searched for, and issues should be tackled. Then the ability to ask better questions will come and this continues.
I save my experiences in my reservoir of knowledge and one day ,I may need it and that extra knowledge that is given to me and me alone as a result of my unique upbringing or growing up could help, I could save myself from some awkward position or even win millions on a hot seat. So we are here to learn from each other, for every encounter, there must be something useful spilling out for someone to learn from, it will assist us to carry on with ease so we don’t feel shame from what you don’t know.
We definitely have to work on our minds and have a more positive approach to Ignorance, and adding to that, boldly asking questions on things we don’t know, rather than sit in boardroom meetings staring without daring to ask so as not to reveal our lack of knowledge on an issue. This month, I learnt I needed to host before moving from BlogSpot to WordPress, today I learnt that Gbegiri broth is made from beans.
There was a young boy who was laughed at and nicknamed “No Idea” while he was in college,simply because it was his frequent answer to the teachers’ questions in their class. The last I checked ,he is a physics professor who came out tops and is lecturing in some foreign country. the humble admittance gained space for new knowledge.
All the best as you take off for this adventure.