On my way to work, last week, I was listening to the radio and I picked one or two things I liked but then, I started feeling a little bit sorry about my slow pace in life, career not getting to where I projected and family not getting to the number I wanted and the ticking clock reminding me of all these stuff. Then I touched myself on the shoulder “snap out of it, young lady”, I can be that dramatic, yes, my mind started analysing stuff ….for instance ,the inspirational teacher on the Radio had it smoother and her early exposure got her enough cards, travelling around nations before age eight, she had good leverage with her highly educated parents. I googled her up, I like checking Wikipedia too. Good for her, I concluded. Was I jealous? No! But I was calm and wasn’t too harsh on my feats. Comparison, hmm, too much of it is bad they say.
Some had all these advantages but didn’t use any of it not even a little and are battling to pay for their meals, not to talk of building a big company like our inspiration this morning. I had to go easy on me at the same time, so I started declaring my assets; what life offered me and what I have used so far and I have I have left to use
Back in the days, we had a lady who topped in school, mostly in her chemistry tests, I thought she just had a knack for chemistry until I got to the university, she didn’t even study her organic chemistry that much, she just got it, it was inherent .Her hand would shoot up at any strange question and her lip pouring out all those long organic names… I realised her father was the Dean at the college of sciences and also a professor of Chemistry. For some experiences, one may pick without even realising they picked them, all they did was that they grew up hearing about atoms and molecules in the house and seeing scripts being marked about chemical reactions, if you really want to hit yourself hard you may say these things don’t count but they count, this is Good advantage, its way above the lady who is learning how to construct an English sentence mentally before putting it out there, trying so hard to communicate verbally for fear that she may be laughed at. Their grades may defer based on these things, with a little or no effort and the other we require enough burnt candles to catch up.
I later learnt one thing about life, Grit, Grit is important. Put your advantages to use and make the most of it, some may have it by the experiences of mingling in the corridors of power, some may have it by the early exposure to education and a large library of books, some had their homes, so close to the silicon valley which made programming come easy, some touched or saw laptop systems when they clocked twenty and some grew up in concerts and their fingers were touching all sorts of musical instruments while others were hanging outside people’s windows trying to peep at their neighbour’s black and white televisions. Strategy and grit will keep you going.
Should we sit still with our chins in our hands envying and wanting to be like the Jones? We were not called to be like the Jones, we were made to reflect God’s glory. There I go, I am a PK by the way. I think you know the answer, dust out your assets and learn to use what you have been given.
I have seen young orphans who paid their way through school, from the backside of life, in remote villages with nothing but kerosene lanterns for reading, rise internationally, schooled internationally and they sit with presidents of different nations to share ideas and improve the situations from their experiences, so as to make life better for others. And I have also seen, people from privileged homes with enough opportunities, watch life happen to them instead of them happening to life.
We may not know what tomorrow brings, dear reader, like my colleague, in her thirties, who slept and never woke up a week ago, but while we are here, let’s get busy doing that which is right, let us use up our resources at the same time, and sharpen our tools. These principles of life are somewhat constant.
Learn to enjoy the Now, appreciate the present while you dream of a better tomorrow.
Yesterday I was watching “This is us” and I got this…”Take the sourest Lemon life has to offer and turn it into something resembling lemonade”.