My office’s 8 to 5 cubicle is getting smaller by the day ,how about yours? I mean the spreading-your-wings and flying type of yearning and I have been thinking of ways of expanding it, since I may never get a large office overlooking the ocean in my company .I am more of an outdoor person when I leave my books in my bedroom ,so this has always been an issue but I realised the few times, I injected my time with hiking , mountain climbing and simply strolling in the woods, I felt a unique kind of energy return after the mundane sulks up everything leaving me with inhaled fumes from crazy Traffic… even kayaking on a lake is therapeutic, I learnt that a day ago .

I went to this place at Bodije, Omu Resort, after Ibeju Lekki, and I really haven’t gotten over the experience. The prices were affordable and it is perfect for family gatherings and also educative for children, I thought of parties and all .The zoo was another interesting part of it…though the lion slept most of the time, the baboons were dancing and somersaulting like they knew they were entertaining onlookers.

Most times all we need for a mind reset is a few days’ vacation away from the familiar, into nature for fresh air, not the air conditioned office. Outside a human controlled environment for healing. I played like a healthy child and I felt good and happy.

When the bills are pressing on and other things shoot their head up as if they are most important, remember to still save for this, as it relieves the body and takes stress away.




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