Today is the last day of the year as we all know ,I see people running into churches at the last hour or second , some jumping from clubs into churches ,the big churches will surely be full ,some leaning on the walls ,trying hard to stay awake and to say “Amen” to every “You will succeed and prosper in the coming year” and they will be thankful to God for keeping them alive ,which is cool enough but  sometimes I wonder where the belief came from ,”the belief that once the new year catches you in church you will be protected from all harm the following year and the year will favour you” How ? and that’s just about the day they show up drenched in liquor..Hahaha …Our religiosity ranks high. Can we at least pull our moral compass and spirituality along? let me drop the Judge’s wig for now, of course I will be there this year, last year I watched a movie and crossed over with it, just for a change… The proactive part is what I am going to stress on. we improve our lives…Yes we can!

A lot of people including me are putting their list of Dos and Don’ts together for the New Year, 2018. Some may not agree to the importance of writing it down but there is a whole lot of difference if you can only be willing to agree and try it, when you write goals down, there is a sense of accountability that urges you to tick one after the other as you accomplish each, then a sense of fulfilment and purposefulness follows, all these are healthy feelings. Just yesterday, on reflecting back on what we had down for 2017,I realised we had some family goals spilling to 2018 and all we did was write them down as carry over goals, not all can be accomplished within a year or two or even five , this encourages living on purpose at the same time it helps one to focus ,in as much as you may know exactly what to do ,there are some details that will lead you to the achievement major milestones, include the how ,where, what ifs and who ….if possible a flow chart should be drawn all the way down to this fulfilment of goals .

The years I tried this were far better even reflecting positively on my expenses, at a point you may derail but always be quick to come back, a little skidding off the runway will surely come since we are not robots but discipline is needed here.

Yesterday, a word stuck to me and it’s been there “resourcefulness”. Yes! After reading this from the Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, he wrote “Each time you have a setback, you’re using resilience and resourcefulness, and inventing your way out of a box” .I checked further and I learnt Resourcefulness is the ability to find swift and clever ways to overcome difficulties…

I was able to compile a list of things one would want to change or improve on in case you forget to write some on your New Year list. You can just add some of these below.

I will live within my means.

I will stop impulsive buying.

I will read a book a week or even more.

I will get that degree .

I will buy that piece of land.

I will lose this weight and improve my diet so as to maintain it.

I will enjoy every bit of my life by creating time for fun.

I will travel .

I will revisit my goals.

I will spend less time on social media.

I will get a long better with people .

I will spend quality time with family.

I will make new friends.

I will volunteer to help .

I will pray more or get more spiritual.

I will drop that bad habit.

I will start my own business.

I will love and reach out to people.

I will be more positive minded.

I will be more resourceful and be a solution to issues.

I will work on my marriage.

I will start working on my dreams.

The list continues…

I hope we improve on ourselves as we go into the next year.



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