There was this Saturday, I spent almost four hours of my day sitting in a bus at Idumota, in Lagos Island market, waiting for other passengers to fill up the empty seats before take-off, at first, I was happy I got the window seat so I could stare at people and things and get some fresh air after shopping…I didn’t bargain for marketing songs from the Hawkers. So after an hour I took my pen and journal, this is what boredom does when you can’t even read…different items, different rhythms…these songs drained me but I learnt…chai!!!

Pure water mineral, fifty naira shaving stick…

Any colour, 200, up and down, 200, any colour, any size;

Authentic, original aboniki

Latest comedy, AY, oore tuntun, don’t be annoyed;

Hot meat pie, meat pie sausage ma bi nu;

Children’s spoon, I should bring?

Ten ten naira chewing gum, me wa wa so chocolate;

waso waso fifty fifty naira, pure water, bottled water;

Four,250 soap, Titus, buy scissors,2 fifty naira;

Buy alomo for waist pain and rheumatism; Quaker oats, butter, singlet 3in 1.500.

Buy gala, buy chin chin, buy super bite, buy sausage, buy hanger;

Fifty naira shaving stick, borrow borrow no good, buy wa so clip, change your clip; cockroach killer, rat killer…change your brush…most were in Yoruba and I couldn’t understand, but at least I knew the language used was for buying.

I like to think that we came here with an inner wiring for taking care of circumstances that may come our way in life, just like the different species in the animal kingdom come with survival instincts for coping, we humans were made with the most powerful of them all, the mind. The mind will help you think up ways to survive in this life, some turn the societal needs to a business opportunity some don’t, I see some whining with a sense of entitlement backed up with genuine excuses for being where they are in life, some blame it on their minority tribes or races, some on their forefathers, uncles and aunts. You see, one gets to a point where they say “I am not doing this any longer”

The lion survives in the jungle sneaking on its prey, crushing the bones with its jaws.

The cheetah is so fast that there is hardly an animal that can outrun it

The eagle has the eyesight and its wings

The man has the mind, with it he makes the gun to survive when confronted by the hungry lion, he makes the car that outruns the cheetah, and he makes the planes that fly higher than the eagle. What are we using our mind for? All we need to survive is in this weapon of ours, everyone is equipped as a solution provider, sharpened skills by the experiences and exposures from day zero to whatever age they are now. Everything we went through was for a reason. Daily, I see fashion designers coming up big and pulling out from their employer’s aprons ,I get to ask and most of them have their parents to thank for, they grew up hearing the sounds of sewing machines and it served as a starting point. Sell what you are given, use your mind to package it well and you will be glad you started, as for me I started selling sesame seeds recently, so I am providing healthy snacks for people.

Look back, not for self-pity but for information on something you should be solving in the now, something you could exchange for money to pay your bills at least, something you could use to add value to others.






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