Today,3rd January 2018 was not as good for me as I saw gory images that stole my sleep away. There was this post which carried a heading “Herdsmen killing in Benue”, I covered it with a “not again” attitude, and I tried to sleep but couldn’t and then today, the killing continued and indigenes who felt the pain saw it better as Genocide,The bodies kept increasing, Those of young men, children, women and even the pregnant ones were not spared with their unborn, they were hacked to death with machetes apparently and I wished it wasn’t an excruciating death as that from a machete cut but a quick one, I am not here to share the pain from the pictures for those who couldn’t see so as to bear the weight of this world, no, it’s simply what’s on my mind and do let the world know what is happening somewhere in some small villages, Ayilamo, logo, Gwer West, Gwer East and it looks well planned. Work today wasn’t exactly easy in Lagos, migraines followed me everywhere… these images wouldn’t just go, eating was a chore earlier today and my make-up was too much of insensitivity as this is my state of Origin…BENUE state of Nigeria.

The act took place a few kilometres from where my family resides and I began to wonder on a lot of things. This wasn’t just a herdsman-farmer squabble, this reoccurring thing was and it’s bad.

A few days back ,We were at a zoo on the outskirts of Lagos, and I saw a Hyena pacing angrily and continuously, it looked so brutal and we , the onlookers stood outside the fence staring at it and discussing how will the hyenas are, that was my first time of seeing one though, we also saw the sleeping lion and how it eventually woke up ,strolling in his cage with that kingly stride, my point here is that, these animals kill to eat for their hunger and survival, what do humans do with this killing? Is it for the survival of the cattle or the owner and if it is… whatever happened to dialogue?

As the images kept coming, many reasons came up too, while shocked viewers took to the streets to react, with placards. Some people blamed it on the Government as usual, some on the leaders, some on their forefathers, some questioned their ownership of the land, some on tribal differences and also religion but I couldn’t simply stop thinking about how linked we all are, how the interdependence is glaring but we are failing to see, the blood is still red irrespective of our race, tribe or gene.

The plea for the condemnation speech from the Government was so loud that the youth took to the street to demonstrate their grievance and eventually lost a life when the Benue Governor showed up and some of them couldn’t contain their anger, they channelled it by throwing stones at him. What a mistake! The security had to shoot, whatever happened to shooting in the air or not shooting, the tear gas I learnt was also used but then…When the herdsmen came, they hacked whoever they saw that wasn’t them, they didn’t ask for PVC, and they didn’t ask the dead of their party affiliations. They just did it.

We are first humans before any groupings, ABC or XYZ. I was about to give them a sermon on love but then I realised the perpetrators, the herdsmen are out there in the wild, do they read blogs?

If you do, please, change your thought process…this sounds hopeless but I will still say it, this is not good.

The dead loved ones are gone, the grieving ones are still with us, please take comfort, and keep your hope alive, it will light your way and lighten the bleak looking future on this reoccurrence.

We shall find quick and smart ways of getting out of this menace immediately.