I went jogging down Memory lane and smiled to myself as I remembered little-me dragging her four-year-old feet down the aisle on that Sunday morning, I cared less than the knowledge of my new pair of red shoes, if there were oversize for my audience, I didn’t mind, all I knew was that, my pair of shoes gave me that sophisticated look, hmn … can’t you get that they are red covered shoes? I thought … Head high but battling with the feel of my toes on the “not so pleasant” Star tissue paper stuffed in by my frustrated mum after a long wail and a little tantrum.

Why did she buy it in the first place? Keeping it till my feet fit in was a torment on my soul… It was cheaper I guess… This Sunday morning, I decided on ending the torture by wearing it, my wobbly legs made the hell out of noise on the concrete .Was I humbled by their funny looks? I can’t remember that part.

That is a shoe size story!!!

I fell like humpty-dumpty on some stairs on Bishop Oluwole Street last month, unlike him; I came together but with a scratch on my hot legs, don’t go throwing stones…that pair of stiletto was given to me by a thoughtful colleague , not bought by me, I think they are doing a better job designing my room.

This is a shoe type story!!!!

We have wedges, ballet, pumps, sandals, stilettos, platforms, trainers, gladiators, yes! Our very own palm slippers too…what a pleasure we have to choose any type that fits.

Do me a favor, now, take a peek down your memory lane…now, I don’t want you regretting because Regret makes you old and bitterness poisons the people around you.

Then another peep into your anticipated future, task your imaginations. I don’t want you worrying your mind about tomorrow, just logical thoughts. WHOSE SHOES ARE YOU TRYING TO WEAR?

I see a tired middle aged man dragging his father’s larger than life shoes on the thoroughfare of life, I see a lady living her friend’s dream, squeezing her feet into a very tiny pair of shoes and wondering how she can run with it…a clone? No! Maybe just scared to trust her hunches, believe her instincts and act on her convictions, years rolling by and not a day passing without making a shrine out of other people’s opinion,’ expectations, dreams, aspirations, Yes! Their shoes too…

There is beauty and meaning in being just you, wearing your shoes, stumbling in your shoes, dragging your shoes…besides the joy, there is simplicity and ease. You also get to write your own life script and ask for editing from a selected few not being handed the script as like an actress, actor, maybe in worst cases, a string-puppet…do your own breathing, do your own thing, get your on swag…lol

At the end of all, you can look back and smile with contentment, knowing that you lived your life fully.

Some of us studied courses because others wanted, some grew up expressing other people’s views because by doing that we will be accepted, what ever happened to airing our views? Taking our risks and bearing the consequences …making our choices…status quo? … It’s good to remember that no man is an island and in most cases, we are a product of our experiences and people’s influence…but that inner core, that entity called you …who are you? What do you like doing? What do you take as fulfillment in your life, your goal? Definitely not taking a stroll and waiting to go six feet deep after a century.

There is this speck of inadequacy found in most of us, which gives that temporal security found in refusing to launch into the deep waters, rather choosing the familiar shoes. Uncomfortable in a dark little corner yet unable to try the stuff called Impossible.

We could to learn how to stand firm despite opposing expectations, especially from those we look up to and those very dear to us. We need to be careful, believing in ourselves even when our most cherished persons don’t imagine. They may offer their shoes to us, out of love… but check! Even though your shoes may hurt at the beginning, keep at it…

It might become your good old shoe…so comfortably and Truly yours !

This is a series.

Watch out for part 2 !!! like Nollywood movies would say