Hello, stilettos,flats,sandals and slippers  wearers😊…

There was this Tyler Perry movie I watched sometime back, titled “The family that preys”. There was this lady in there, I can’t recall her name, and I think she was Cookie Lyon of Empire’s younger sister in the movie. She talked down  her spouse from self-confidence to Insecure stuttering .He lost it totally at some point, but thank God he got it back just before the movie ended.

When you talk down on an individual for some time, he or she may start to do same.

Most times these negative talks slide in or rub off on people and they begin to believe and feel funny about themselves. For instance when you tell someone long enough that they aren’t good enough, after a while, the damaging talk will get sprinkled all over their Talk or Speech, and they will come to believe that they are not just enough. We also need to be careful with those downgrading words while we speak with others too.

On the other hand, walking around like a Validation -starved person, waiting for compliments to enable you stick to your life goals is one of the examples of not placing value on you.

Good Self-talk helps you place some unquestionable value on yourself. You can start there.

You will hold your life perspective higher and even seek to share, ideas, suggestions and Instincts and genuinely contribute to life. And if you don’t, you will disregard your Ideas and dreams and cherish someone else’s view, you may even give a lower profile to your Ambitions and Talents and enviously or cowardly copy another person’s life and even place it higher up there in your mind.

In case you are thinking of the Importance of Models and Mentors. I know it’s good to have them, guiding you and making it easy to jump the Gorges, I am talking about the framework of your life, the skeletal part should be determined by you.

What you are passionate about is vital, what or who you love is important; the circle drawn around you by others contributes to help you build on your foundation.so I am not talking about embracing every new thing as your new model and hiding your stuff as inferior. Did what you just learnt sit well with your values?

Study yourself and know your great capabilities and your perceived limitations.

Know the things you easily do and the things that are not just possible then learn how to solve such issues if you must look at them like puzzles not as problems. Just study yourself and love it well.

In conclusion, Have you ever looked up Arnold Schwarzenegger’s story ,please do , if you haven’t .Basically, this is what I learnt . He never stopped at the obstacles he encountered, he found a way to resolve the issues life presented and didn’t  just meander through  the roads that were easy for him to travel but not fulfilling . For instance, if you want to achieve something and you are rejected on the ground that you don’t have a specified certificate, please, by all means, go and get it ,study and acquire it and come back, stay on track and not on what people perceive as your track.

Wear your shoes ,Dear.