How many times have you looked hard at yourself in the mirror and silently disapprove of some features you possess, as for me, how about your gut feeling about life happenings?

I’ve had a hard time accepting my big nose, till I realized there was nothing I could do about it but celebrate it and sometimes even highlight it…lol, The big nose gene is sprinkled all over my relatives, and I have come to look at it as a unique way of distinguishing me from most of the normal nosed humans, Okay ,I digress , this self-doubt runs deep in many, deep into even our minds and we feel that our God given thoughts aren’t enough, yea ,no one is an island but we were also created with default settings to survive in life ,we should respect that …

How many times have you taken Selfies and ended up deleting all or almost all the pictures because you didn’t like what you saw? How many times have you even questioned the accolades or applause showered on you? Even thinking you may be a fake and people will eventually come to scratch off the electroplated layers off you. How many times have you questioned and doubted your very own ideas, most likely because the ones you had before got eroded by fear or failed trials.

The very things dropped in your mind are raw materials, they are for you to use in creating those stuff that are scarce in your life and your environment. We are to use it in solving the issues we encounter every day. Thoughts are things, the moment we come to understand line for what it is; then, we will take every thought seriously and guard our minds from incubating wrong thoughts and link the good towards a Grande project.

Nothing is too little for a great mind, that silent knowing, shouldn’t be taken for granted, the second guessing should reduce. We have second guessed ourselves for too long, the if- I’m- wrong flashes are keeping us grounded. You see, no one can convince you that you are good enough, only you can do that job. Please convince yourself; no matter how much others may try to do that, they may fail at it. That’s the same reason why we find it difficult to believe all that God says about us, we rather stick to the negative descriptions that people or even our inner voices label us with.

There is something healthy about being sure of who you are and the worth you carry, it helps you value your gut and the decisions you churn out of your mind, you don’t just go in search of validation ,hunting in deadly places, in search of a voice that convinces you further on what your mind is already telling you.

You see, some societies or certain people have different and unique ways of doing things and they still arrive at the same expected results, this means that theirs is not bad and yours is not bad either, we have choices and we should learn to stand with ours if possible till proven wrong by a more superior or more experienced view. This will help us in navigating through this journey called life.

Life is loaded with a lot of decisions even on a daily basis; you and I have made a lot till we got here; even reading this blog is a decision you took, over your something else in your schedule. We should be able to trust our instincts and our guts more in decisions making and even in surviving. If you can’t decide for yourself, someone else will and will always put you second place or even least in the scheme.