I have this cherished friend of mine; she is always willing and able to come up with a solution, anytime I bring an issue to the table. She doesn’t have several degrees or diplomas on her cap; she proffers solutions on the go….She inspires me to ponder a little bit more; If she doesn’t know the way out, she would always direct me closer to a possible solution. Vicky is resourceful, just like that. If she doesn’t know, I would see her gently scratching her forehead for a solution, thinking up solutions. She doesn’t just look away nonchalantly saying, “I don’t know”.

Earlier this year, I wanted our Traditional regalia urgently, it was meant to be delivered in a few hours to a friend’s brother and because he was to catch his flight for South Africa that same night and the distance to the airport was much, laced with the usual Lagos traffic. After calling a couple people, nothing was forthcoming until I called Vicky up. She delivered as usual. She would simply say”eerm…wait! I will get back to you, give me a few minutes” and would end the call. On this particular day, she called a lot of people with her call credit and after a few minutes she called me back with a number. She said “call this number, this lady is closer to your location, it will be easier to get through to her, the other lady is far away in Ojo” My friend, Victoria challenged me to step out of the comfortable seat of having no clue on solving people’s issues. It happened that I was also solving someone’s issue this day, but the boomerang effect was wonderful. Their grateful smiles sparked mine and I knew this was rewarding in itself.

It starts with the world rejecting “the- going- all -out” types. Sometimes our culture discourages this crop of people by attaching demeaning names to them. Like they aren’t smart enough to realize that they are being used. They may start well but listen to others and stop being resourceful. My wise friend ones told me; “if you are not of useful to anyone them you are useless to everyone but yourself”.

Most times we try as much as possible not to be taken for granted but at the other side of it, we become practically of no use to the people around us. My phone use to ring a lot, those days until I got to a point where I said I wasn’t going to be of help since no one just calls to say “Hi”. The “Hi” calls are quite rare, we all know that. The ringing phone was practically solving issues, all of a sudden it stopped and I wondered what was wrong, I got so lonely and felt like a hopeless island until I stopped hoarding the talents and brain I was given to bless my generation and the ones to come. These things bring healthy networks and good things.

Don’t be a dead route, blocking Humanity from tapping your resources. Add value.

What do people get when they come your way, is it info on how to look gorgeous?

Is it info on how to get more money?

Is it on how to acquire cars, used items?

Today, I learnt something from my friend, she says if you catch Flu, just before the cough sets in, you can easily prevent the coughing stage by simply closing up your earholes especially while sleeping with tissue paper or neat chunks of cotton bud, tried and tested. You will not cough at night and cut your sleep into bits.  I learnt this, I tried and it worked.

Cheers ,