Sometimes we may be in a position to defend God’s delays in our lives, especially when we are known to be his message deliverers, be it in any form. Whether we are standing and preaching behind the Altars or sitting and whispering God’s love to others in the Pews.

There is a standard we may try to keep or reach so as to match the people’s perception of God’s people who are richly blessed. But are we really called to defend our God when our lives don’t portray his blessings? Are we really called to prove to others that we are truly being rewarded for choosing the narrow path here on earth? I read a lot about God’s ‘maybes’, ‘perhaps’, ‘perchance’ and ‘who knows’ in circumstances that portrayed Him as weak to our Human eyes or meaningless to Human reasoning.

The truth is that God knows what he is doing, all the time…The fact is that, sometimes, it appears like he doesn’t make sense to our grey matter but we still strive to keep up appearances; just like he is still making sense, secretly, to us in our perceived dilemmas, because we are expected to know why a tragedy happened to a good man and what God is planning to do with such a Misfortune. The observers may be quick to draw Judgment and blame a guiltless person in such a bad situation, just like old Job’s friends. So we may be tempted to spell out our innocence as fast as possible for fear that we are condemned. With a viral generation like the millennial, how fast can you go trying to stop the number of shares in a Second, judgmental comments in the comment boxes and the clicks of negative smileys.

How do you bottle up the Blames thrown on you? The fight becomes brutal, but are we really called to protect our reputation or keep up appearances?

The billboards are bearing the successes of God’s people and the hush sounds of their sufferings are under their beds. Their valley times are concealed and their lives appear picture- perfect. These photo-shopped battle wounds give rise to envy from others. The prayer –thickened- knees should also be publicized to encourage those who are going through hell but holding on strong. Are we called to hide our struggles?

The ones sticking it out should learn, let the Generals tell the new recruits some battlefield stories by simply displaying their battle wounds to them sometimes. So they don’t only copy their wavy hair curls, their fashion styles, gesticulations and attitudes .The road is still narrow, just as it was written centuries ago. If yours is wide, you may need to check again. Can you hear the good shepherd’s voice?

We are in a generation where vulnerability is seen as a lack of God. Remember, God is likened to a lamb as well as a lion.

We may need to find him for ourselves; GOD speaks, even in the waiting room.

Trust Him,He will call you in ,Trust his timing.