From Last week up until today, it has been more of Suicide stories everywhere, from CNN to our under- the- tree talk by the Akara seller on our street. The gist is all around and the uniting story for the various clusters is “suicide”. Some talking about the lady who jumped into the lagoon from the third Mainland Bridge in Lagos, though another lady came out yesterday saying she wasn’t the one that jumped, it must have been another, but her picture was used; also, Kate, the designer who the news said she chose to pass on despite her blossoming career. I see her bag sitting on my friend’s table most days.

I sat down watching the TV over the weekend and I could remember feeling so much pain watching the journalist’s friend. He was narrating their relationship’s high points and the mundane coffee drinking part of their lives. After suicide, there is usually pain dropped in the hearts of loved ones.

Conflicting stories are springing up with pointing fingers on some possibly guilty folks who may have caused them to reach that point. Years back, Suicide was a little bit alien to us in Nigeria but that’s no more with the rate at which people are jumping on that long bridge. Most have grown into a people that fear to talk about pressing issues, they think most people are enemies and are planning evil; so they bottle up their concerns until it weighs them down. This is not right. They should be someone to talk to, be that person and Talk!

I will like to focus on what we can do and how we can help in our own way to reduce these occurrences in our lives. People with suicidal thoughts are usually overwhelmed by bleakness and feelings of sadness, that they think they have no alternative for their feelings of hopelessness.

What makes people take their lives?

  • Depression.
  • Mental illness; though a lot is attributed to mental health these days, not all cases are mental.
  • Drug abuse.
  • Being diagnosed with a serious medical condition or terminal ailment may lead to one taking his or her life.
  • Incarceration.
  • Being abused, harassed and bullied continuously or witnessing constant abuse.
  • Poor job security or satisfaction.
  • Loss of a significant relationship.
  • Some were of the opinion that even metaphysical interference can cause one to lose control and do exactly as the spell commands.



How can we help out?

If a person startsWITHDRAWING or starts talking endlessly about feeling hopeless, please, try and reach out to the person.

With reassuring tones, stay calm with them, admit that their emotional state is valid. Encourage them and offer some form of support, reassure them that the unpleasant thoughts are temporal and they will surely feel better thereafter. Do not trivialize their problems or shame them into changing their minds. What may be light for you may be heavy for another. We have different thresholds. Support all the way… Try and go with them for their initial appointments .Save a life. Stay with the person until help arrives, take away harmful stuff not judge or yell, just listen.


How can we avoid reaching this point?


  • Talk therapy.
  • Lifestyle adjustments…chill a bit on alcohol and drugs.
  • Sleeping well. Six to eight hours at least.
  • Exercising regularly.
  • See a professional.



Don’t you dare give up on this life, pray to GOD who has the life manual…

Besides prayer helping, it’s even therapeutic.