I couldn’t hide in my world any longer this morning. Yesterday , Escapism hugged me tight and I rested there .It was comforting not to have the hundred plus  bodies that were murdered in Plateau state , replay in my mind, though I wouldn’t want to put it out here for some, not hearing alone is what they are chasing after.

This morning, Idle- scrolling led me to a one year old baby who died. Dying alone is bad enough, drowning is overwhelming. The singer- father, Mr. Dapo (Dbanj) must be broken or even shattered, I thought. The mother may even be sent on a guilt trip, replaying what she should have done right and what she shouldn’t have done, I pray she won’t spend her life, hitting herself.

It’s so easy to apportion blame from afar when these things happen. Social media has provided a platform for typing out our blames too. This is challenging for the bereaved. I went to a blog that covered the misfortune. The comments were not good for the highly sensitive,including me,So I left in a hurry.

I pray for comfort for the families who are bereaved.

The pointing hands are fast increasing. The blaming comments are pouring in just a day after, and then, we ask “where is our Humanity?”

Why we are sad about these things,our fingers can still be controlled while reading. They read comments. They have feelings,They may have done wrong or right. But their loved ones aren’t here anymore. Our insults may not bring them back but our words may heal their brokenness.

Kindly sprinkle kind words. I may sound like a broken record or a Mrs goody two shoes…these ish works.

Yours truly,