Life is a teacher; and one unique thing about this teacher is that, with him, your syllabus is not revealed to you, at least early enough so you can study, it’s unpredictable. Unlike SOME Nollywood movies; Life just walks into the classroom and gives you a lesson, an assignment, an examination and sometimes even an extra year or extra years.

How do we continue kneading enthusiasm into this our unpredictable life? How do we arrive at perfect and smooth dough without lumps .We definitely need to bake something beautiful?

Great eagerness can also be called Enthusiasm…I read somewhere that the world belongs to the enthusiasts and I saw some meaning in it. Are we meant to set enthusiasm as our Default setting irrespective of the topics on board? Or do we devise a mind bin for flinging out our burdens and refilling our minds up with fresh hope? For we need this great eagerness every so often.

The sparkly sanguine may have a smaller problem with being enthusiastic at all times while a melancholic like me may even take pleasure in being sad…lol…okay, sometimes…                                                   I discovered a solution that works for me…Doing the things I have passion for erases the sadness completely with or without compensation. For instance the fact that I am writing this and someone out there is reading and finding meaning alone gives me some form of satisfaction.  So, find that unique thing, which only you can do with so much ease; squeeze it into your free hours, and watch your life bloom with meaning. You will see your eyes glimmer with satisfaction through others eyes.

The challenge is to remain passionate at all times, whatever the temperament may be, especially on a job where Enthusiasm carries a good mark. In our different prayers we download our worries and in our different beliefs we upload our hopes.

The secret in success is not losing your enthusiasm; notwithstanding failure after failure. Even when the topic changes from illness to bereavement, from lack of motivation to rejection, from approval to receiving awards… you are still up to the task, you see, it’s simple to say “get excited about life” but it’s still doable .All that stuff about focusing on positive stuff and good things really work.

Whatever screen you are using to view Life with, you need to factor in enthusiasm, let’s try not to be negative.Despite the bad news daily struggling for Tabloid space.we can try.

We all know what a smile does to everyone who sees it, the world smiles back, it’s real!

It could be tough smiling in some situations, but a positive mindset pays off better, if you are a negative person you may hardly see opportunities, as bright as they may appear, you may wave them off as one of those dead end roads that drown all we have. Take off the negative mask and see things as they are.

The bombs may blast around you, the old men may be kidnapped around you, inflation may rise by two hundred percent, but you just breathe in and breathe out! Beam! For every hour comes with bright expectations lurked in, if we can see! Troubles don’t kill; they only bring out certain things out of you, what you thought you never had… you are the strong lady, the strong man standing!

Problems make you reassess what you accept as normal!

When next you see me frowning! Echo these words, please!

Life is still beautiful!

Yours truly,