My first day of the second week at work was a bright one, this fateful day saw me walked into the office with a beautiful baby-pink shirt, neatly tucked into a grey skirt, let’s say, the price of ten of my pink shirt could go for a single TM Lewin shirt but the design was same, who cared? I didn’t even care then. So, head high with no concerns, and confidence personified. I walked around the office doing my tasks and gladly accepting compliments sent my way. Later in the day, a lady walked up to me, gave a sweet compliment and politely asked if she could check my collar. I gladly said yes, of cause, I was so certain she wanted to know just the size, so I proudly offered my back, after a glance, she thanked me with an appreciative smile, underneath her smirk was some tinge of something, I couldn’t really pin my thoughts on, but obviously not pleasant.

Months later, I found out she was looking for the designer of the shirt, I bought my ‘Hongbiantian’ designer shirt because it looked fine and fitting; fastened with  my cufflinks, my mirror told me…”Girl, you look good!”

I had no idea it looked like a TM shirt until I was told. Thanks to China.

It’s startling how branding defines our viewpoint in life, that’s in a situation, where the durability is same; I wore that shirt for years by the way. Branding defines our idea of beauty. At times one could just be paying for a brand name; these names are good concealments for our empty insides or inadequacies.

Also, we are often tempted to brand people around us, we find ourselves relating more with the brands on a person than the person, every now and then, our level of niceness or kindness to a person is determined by the quality of accessories a person hangs around the neck, wrist, fingers, and toe nails… just any body part trinkets can hang on. I dare pontificate here “This is too superficial for a meaningful life; no wisdom is found in classifying human beings based on their brand of shoes, shirts, skirts and trousers, it goes beyond Gucci and Dolce and Gabanna, it’s beneath the Seen. This is way beyond people’s net worth, love the hell out of people with no strings attached”.

The unseen, sitting in hearts and minds, holds the true meaning of life; its cooler and much more secure. No matter how the world idolizes the bad guy and puts down the good guy, our humanity shouldn’t fade away, keep it afire with a love-touch even to the rag wearers. It’s not just a talent to treat each person as a being with a vision, it’s simply divine.

Yeah! I always hear ‘it’s all about the packaging’ that’s the reason why same contents go for different prices, a bottle of water may buy a whole big bag of sachet water that would last for a week, every where, they preach it in churches; I read it in books and also pick it in the heat of gist. Cool, the prices rise based on the packaging but when dealing with fellow human beings, can we try and leave this packaging mentality out? If friends are made based on peripheral things like scarf and perfumes, then it’s far from funny. The joy of humanity lies in sharing our breath with every one even the less privileged and the privileged. Giving preferential treatment to those with better packages, it’s kind of shallow. why don’t we brand ourselves instead of branding the accessories on us, brand our heads or brains with knowledge that can’t be stolen, brand our intellects, brand our speech, our hearts with love overflowing, why don’t we brand our hands with selfless service to the handless people around, the world will be so much a better place for us. Consciousness on the unseen branding takes us farther that branding the seen things… with time we will see the fruits dangling on forest-green colored trees. That’s my idea of swag…look around you, is there something to do?