Should I call it “The power of physicality”…hmm

I woke up today to much ado about the Hugs of last night at the world cup Finals. A lot of the statuses and hash tags were about the Beautiful Croatian President, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic. Most people made her their woman crush for hugging the players in the rain and her simplicity and passion for her team. Though some were a little bit naughty about the hug she gave the president of France, Emmanuel Macron.😉

This simple act of opening of the arms and closing around each other and opening back does a whole lot. I will like to share the importance of hugs with you today.

· Hugs help in releasing Oxytocin-the bonding hormone in our brains.
· A natural way of showing someone that you think they are great.
· Hugs are great for emotional Health.
· It gives a gush of Connection and Acceptance.
· It helps a lot in relieving Stress.
· Hugs can make one feel happier.
· A hug from a friend is a perfect cure for a bad mood.
· There is a research that says hugs even keep you from infection and also keep you healthy.
· When you are hugged, the rate of the heart beat reduces and BP is lowered according to research.
· Hugs relieve a lot of Fear.
· There is a research that says well hugged babies are less stressed as adults.

Most of us crave for hugs; some go an extra step to request for it from their loved ones and it calms them when they eventually get. So it doesn’t hurt to make a request after all. Some don’t even recognize that they need these hugs. Some think it’s for the emotionally weak; some think they are trivial. We need to share a lot of hugs and watch our personal lives transform.

I watched a great man with no limbs expressed how much he wished he could hug his beautiful children. Offer up your open arms. There must be a reason God gave us these arms. I think Hugs should be encouraged in our families, offices, circle of friends and gatherings.

However we also need to be a little bit cautious. There are different kinds of hugs and some of which are not really as simple as they appear. They are a lot of intricate stuffs involved in the kind of hug someone gives. It’s vital to know just what they all mean.

Incidentally, I was discussing with some friends over the weekend on hugs. We tried distinguishing between plain- innocent hugs and some awkward and creepy ones that one should avoid. Despite the different descriptions; I still couldn’t make a clear difference, but one just knows when it’s a bit awkward. Don’t be naïve about hugs and at the same time don’t be fast to conclude on someone’s genuine offer of warmth. Caution shouldn’t be thrown away; especially in this highly sexualized Times that we are in.

I’d like to think that deep down each and every one of us is a serious craving for hugs; fenced round with Toughness. Some may react with a punch; right in the face if one jumps on them in the name of Hugs.

Open your arms and wait on this group. Bit by bit…It may work.

I like hugs a lot and I advocate for hugs in Humans. It’s been awesome giving and receiving hugs.

You can’t put your arms around a memory, hug then while you can.

Give someone a hug and please don’t send people to go hug trees or Transformers again…😁

Go hug someone today and make a difference in the world.

Thanks for reaching this far with your reading.