There was a day I went out to buy stuff. I was looking forward to rest a bit on the bus ride but I couldn’t. I had a rough time in the market and ended up in a very tight space on the bus from Lagos Island market to Lekki- Ajah.We had a wide chested lady on our roll, too bad for us, and she took over the space and squeezed the rest of us,this wasn’t her fault,for goodness sake,she didn’t create herself but… She did offend us with style and made sure she comfortably leaned back while we turned over .That one sided kinda sitting…and I could see that this her sitting style was telling on the lady closest to her.She kept doing it but the religious looking one remained calm.This lady had no earrings on and tied up all her hair in her turban,no strand was visible. So I assumed it was her knowledge of her God that kept her unruffled despite obvious provocation.Hmmm… She must be viewing it as trials and temptations who knows, I thought. She had a certain calm demeanor and it was admirable while it lasted .I admired it until she was hard-pressed to a point where she lost her Imperturbability. There was simply no elasticity left as she erupted, ” Kilode!If I deal with you ee , you will see my other side, I am a “Chosen” ,My God of the Chosen fights for me, Try me and see”. I blinked for a second, wait! ‘Chosen’ as in she attends the Church called ‘The lord’s chosen’. That was definitely not what she was taught in church abi? I concluded it was her interpretation ,it was a safer conclusion.Or was that what motivated her going to church? I questioned… my thoughts worked over till the conductor shouted my bus stop.
It must be the later reason.🤔

Then There was a day I went to the salon to make my hair and I heard a lady complaining bitterly about how a certain “Redeemed “church refused to help her ,despite she being a single mother with two children… “And they knew, I had to train the children but they never gave me anything”. She went on and on and concluded that she left the church for another. She was hoping she would get something soon in the new. Hmm…
What sort of expectation do you have when you go to church? You will be surprised …Please check. Is it for more power,acceptance,social reasons, more security or more funds? You name it.
Before you jump churches all over town,check yourself abeg .

Earlier this year, I was travelling from Lagos to Benue and I started a conversation with some travellers in the bus we boarded. I always love to start talks with strangers while travelling, especially by road; it usually makes the trip shorter in my mind, as it takes a whole day sitting in a bus that dodges pot holes and surrenders to the bigger holes. I think that these talks are interesting ,you should try it when opportuned to travel by road and I think it’s the most available type of fun because, the phones will go dead before one reaches their destination if one keeps touching it and this may be a challenge for family and friends trying to reach one, so listening to music is out of the question too.
I still haven’t gotten myself a power bank to enable me block my ears and rest my head on the back of a seat in front of me ; also scrolling my phone in a moving car doesn’t sit well with me. I get nauseous so I chat up people instead,that is face to face.I learnt sugarcane Syrup helps ,you should try it if you feel that way too.
Usually I break the ice with the willing strangers who have welcoming faces .😉And then sleep where the road is smooth enough. This helps me understand people more and how they view life generally .

So that day ,just before dropping my phone in my closed laps, I saw a shocking story.Some Armed Robbers attacked a Reverend Pastor in Taraba State,it was stated that they killed him with his wife but couldn’t find any money on them thereafter .You see! These blogs can hook a lot of viewers with the word “Pastor or Clergy or Padre”,so I read with a pinch of salt. But this time it was a Pastor in my church and being a PK, I thought I may just have knowledge but I didn’t know the names stated in the news so I showed it to the person sitting next to me.Then,there was a lady in front of me wearing a bright yellow hair net, broad day light; This was odd to me still, but the norm especially to travelers going that way. She interrupted our talk, “it’s a lie” without even looking at the phone “it’s a lie, it’s not in Taraba, it’s in Benue”, I guess she could tell either from my accent or my earlier phone conversation that I was from Benue .She just kept arguing while I pointed the phone at her. I needed her to see for herself.It took me a while to realize that she wasn’t ready to know the truth ,she was okay with her idea of “nothing bad happens in my place “and I was taken aback, this was an average young lady who travelled through many states and had a certain level of exposure.I assumed …I had to ask her where she was from but she hesitated, she said she wasn’t going to tell me. She wasn’t happy that I said it happened in Taraba. So I kept quiet and pondered on these issues. We as a NIGERIAN people have a long way to go as an entity with hundreds of tribes. The truth was no longer the truth because it involved her place of origin. I later deduced she was from Taraba when she answered a call and the dude by my right confirmed it was so.
I knew that that the people had problems but I didn’t know the issue was this deep.Many Undertones in our Talks.We are torn along Tribal and Religious lines.The Truth is no longer truth if it involves our tribes or religion huh?

We really need to check our minds for our true motives…the real ones behind our Actions,Support,Affiliations,Words and Belief.I think we need to start with ourselves.When you are done praying.Do the right thing irrespective .

What do you think?