I realized that there are several views on finding one’s Purpose and these views may be confusing, we are in a world full of information, so there is a need to have strategy and focus .Most successful people are fond of telling their purpose- discovery tales in Interviews and Seminars, even in books and a lot of folks hear this and feel sad about their lives. I have heard a lot of questions from people trying to find their Purpose and opinions on finding purpose; the hustle is real for that one true purpose.
I once read Robert Greene who worked a lot of jobs before writing “48 laws of power eventually said this “Don’t lose your primal inclinations. Don’t lose that uniqueness; those subjects in the present that sparked that childlike intenseness in you as a child. Based on this reflection, you must determine what to do with it, for instance writing or music. Stay away from those reflections that repel you and don’t have an emotional resonance”.

Last year, I picked from Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers that, our success in life may be a product of some parameters like, our upbringing, genetic makeup, what we have been through and not just our unique genius helping us out of our dilemma, that crossed out the feeling I had and gave me a direction. I learnt that everything I have been through plays a part in honing my purpose in life .

I like to view my challenges as mathematical problems and as long as I try to solve it, it works. Sometimes with flowchart and diagrams, I overcome inertia and I forge ahead. Look at yourself as a problem solver.

I read somewhere that ,you don’t have to love what you do as long as it brings money that the money alone is enough motivation for you to start enjoying what you do, that some people derive joy in it .What if money is not your motivation in life?

It’s been a long time since I started searching for my one true purpose. After several seminars and trainings on Purpose, I couldn’t pin my purpose down but I ended up with a chain of things I enjoy doing and most of which don’t rake in millions but rake in fun and joy, the next step was trying to find a way of getting paid for these things. My younger brother recently asked too and I wasn’t a little bit tongue tied like before. I have come to believe that, the world around you presents ideas to an extent to you and your imaginations or thoughts .Your mind creates the product or service for the good of humanity .The challenge is usually being able to foot your bills and find satisfaction with what comes easy for you.

I stumbled over this Oprah interview all in the name of purpose…
Interviewer: Did you know that you wanted to go into TV and media specifically?
Oprah: No, I did not; I thought that I was going to be a teacher.
She continued with this beautiful quote…
“Knowing what you don’t want to do is the best possible place to be if you don’t know what to do because knowing what you don’t want to do, will lead you to figure out what is it, you really want to do.”
At Times we are torn between what the world is saying to you and what you really want to do or feels it’s the truth. To others it may be glamorous but to you….Nah! or you may simply
not feel anything.
Let’s not fold our arms in waiting for the instruction or roam the globe searching for our purpose far away.

Bear in mind …

Study and listen to what feels like the truth about you.
Listen to your instincts…God made them for our use.
Always remember that Luck is Preparation meeting the moment of opportunity.
Have self awareness; your opinions matter.
Opportunities look a lot like work.
Every job you have is most likely a stepping stone to the next one.
Be really smart, thoughtful and generous.That’s the new sexy.
Everything around you that you call life was made by people that are no less smart than you.
Take your opportunities seriously.
Be ready to serve others.
Take note of the things around that tick you off.
Observe the needs around you and see how to solve them in your special way with a price tag on it.
I wish you all the best.
Have you found your purpose?
How did you find your purpose?
I will like to learn from you.