Sometimes, we have all it takes to start something…Sometimes we just have a little for the first baby steps; yet we fail to dive in because we are afraid of something, afraid of the fear of being laughed at, afraid of the formless “Unknown” .We are afraid of doing something outside what will know as our way of life.
That’s a paradigm shift. A lot of these reasons are popping on us daily and we are ignoring it and avoiding setting goals, some of us don’t even know what setting life goals is all about, lets learn…I digress…hmm. Eventually we then find ourselves falling back on the daily Trivia, embracing the Mundane and being enslaved by it.

Sometimes even knowing a whole lot may make you undermine what you have to share to the world, assuming that everyone knows what you are not ready to share .You then think “Since it comes so easy to me, it must be common” .May we always be reminded that “It” doesn’t always come easy for everyone. Whatever your “It” is. But then you keep it to yourself. Please, Share it…

Sometimes thinking about other people’s different perspective alone may make us feel that what we are convinced of as our Truth may just be our myopic Perspective and nothing but that.Dont undermine the opinions you carry.

I was listening to a speech the other day and I learnt something called “Your own truth”. This was like a light bulb; switched on. Whatever you churn out of your mind is your own truth and when you speak it, you share your version of how you view the world and this helps a lot in being understood .If you are afraid to speak your truth, your perception may never be known, it may never be polished by other developed ideas, it may never be improved on.

Growing up with an education system which encouraged emulation and not questioning the Norm or the existing wisdom must have caused this great fear of being intimidated so we rather keep our views to ourselves than question the existing ones. We learned how to keep quiet on pressing issues that bother us and on how we feel or think. Our solutions can’t be found, if we don’t say it out. At the same time saying your truth leaves a vacuum for an upgrade on one’s existing knowledge, also another room for correction. No one is an island, besides. In times of being politically correct, in times of being misunderstood and being booed on these various social media platforms, a lot of voices have been silenced; People are bullied to keep mute, since the bullies are now behind keyboards typing away killer words and hashtags.

Speak it, even when you’re stuttering. Say out your own version of life, even when others make you doubt it and shame your story. The way life presented issues to you may be different from theirs, so you have something to add to humanity.

Always remember that a huge amount is spent on brainwashing and misinformation for various reasons. The information flying around may just be from one or a handful of people propagating what they want to be felt. The fake news goes out and boom! It goes viral. Correct it if you can.

Keep speaking your truth in your tiny corner.

Keep speaking your truth on your huge platform.
Make your light shine like these oranges.