I had a tiny flicker of light at the beginning, I believed that intelligence alone was enough for that sought-after success in life. I later realized that, relationships,Family Background,social interactions and many other factors were also vital as well …The importance of Human Networks weren’t left out but the term “Mindset” wasn’t so important to me and I trivialized the importance of Perception till my Psychology Lecturer made it a big deal in class. Wow! You may be sad because you focus on sad things more.That was light.I started focusing on happy things and voila!Miserable version of me is fading out fast despite hovering clouds.

I started making conscious efforts to change my long held views, as I knocked them out gradually, My well built life of “Dos and Don’t started falling. I started questioning taboos. Still on it but I am seeing new stuff unfold and I concluded that most of our issues are as a result of how we view the world.

The way you view things in your life determines the way your future will turn up, your decisions are formed by this .The ability to recognise and seize opportunities all around even in seemingly bleak Situations. I see it like lifting metal bars and opening the prison of your thoughts. We consciously and subconsciously build structures in our minds with our fixed mindset .We need a growth mindset. We need to come to the light of knowing that we can learn new skills, We can study to know what is unknown ; we can also learn empathy.

This also entails the questioning of our already-existing sense of right and wrong; those taboos lined up for us from generation to generation form our thoughts .Culture is important but what aspect of your culture are you holding on to with both hands ? If you check well, you may as well let go and swim to safety instead of drowning.

These recent years saw me questioning a lot of things that were part and parcel of me .I didn’t stop there but I started seeing and treating them with a drop or two of triviality .Unlike how I made them tiny gods in my mind. I became freer and happier. The grip of the fear of unknown started falling off as I started living, and I hope you understand what I am saying.

There are wrong things you may be thinking about or doing without knowing, check below…
• Do you blame others for your Misfortune?
• Do you blame others for not being successful?

Many other factors may be out of your control but a huge fraction is still within your control. Work with that. There’s a paralyzed man with just one moving finger who kept typing ,one after the other until he wrote books .We were born with inbuilt ability and instincts to help us survive wherever we go. Can you at least believe that ,You can choose to swim or sink .It’s in you, you need to think up solutions.

What do you do with your life when you don’t have what to put on? Do you make dresses out of the pillow cases you have or do you sit there all teary with Self-pity rocking you gently?

Life is not what happens to us, it’s how we respond to what happens to us. For everything life gives, you have a choice in determining how it will turn up, that’s why we are given choices and decisions every moment of our lives. No matter how choiceless the situation may appear, there’s always one lurking. Think! ,Wait a little,Stay positive.

Some people react to issues by my victimizing themselves, some respond like warriors ,the search for possible solutions ,they look into it, with the whys and hows in perspective.
My friend ,Solomon would always say, “Stay afloat”. Find out the reason why it happened ,study it and find ways of resolving it and ways of preventing future occurrences. You are in charge of You .If you want something to change ,please, do something about, If you don’t know what to do; Ask,Seek,Knock on doors. You will find. At least you tried.

Check your network. You are the sum of the five people you surround yourself with most. Hanging out with negative-minds will surely rub off on you.

You can always control the number of hours you put into your dream. What are you spending your hours on?

If you have an idea; kindly,work on it. Is procrastination your talent?

I learnt that Poor-minded people always believe that others should help them reach the top. What do you think? As for me ,I think the world doesn’t owe you anything,

You are in charge of what happens in your life.

I also learnt that Poor-minded people are more religious and most times ,not even spiritual . They always hope that an unethical force somewhere might help them one day by rewarding them for being a good person. Instead of using their God-given brain to survive.

Those strong held beliefs of yours ,are they really your thoughts or are they what your ancestors believed in without questioning.