Politics and friendship hmm…
Friendship is a beautiful concept; I like to look at it like an extension of a family or the compensation for a lack of family or lack of the perfect family. It’s like a support system where one falls back on when it gets too rough or tough out there. Friends build each other, keep each other’s secrets as much as possible unless it involves saving them by leaking it. Friends show each other their strengths when they can’t even remember their worth. Loyally Stand by each other and eventually throw sands on the grave with family .Friends celebrate wins and support when you land flat , spiritually, mentally, academically, socially, physically emotionally, financially and all the rest of “Ally’ siblings.
I often wonder how possible this could be though I hear people say, “there are no permanent enemies in politics “but I often wonder how superficial these so called friendships could be as campaign discussions are being laced with insults and airing of filthy laundries, Swing opening their Opulent walk-in wardrobes displaying dusty skeletons that scare and stare at the ignorant masses. Did you notice the disgust in my lines? These thoughts kept me away but …that was then. I have come to the realization that if we want something good from our leaders, we have to get involved in electing the right people who will walk our corridors of power and make good decisions, enforce laws that will favour everyone with security being top on their list and subsequently put good systems in place. We all know electing angels to govern bad systems won’t take us anywhere; I think it’s like selecting a great chef and putting the person in a beautifully designed kitchen without utensils and foodstuff to fix a meal.
What happens after this? What happens to friendship that has different rules, outside name calling and all that is now part of politics? It’s never being this bad, I think before I sound like a scolding Mama, children of anger on twitter, you need a chill pill…lol …kai! What happens to the persons involved after the campaigns and wins? We are left with divided people to rule. Can the patch or sew back the patches neatly?
We are gradually getting to a place where we read opposing views for the sake of fishing for inaccuracies and making funny memes. No ideologies behind our support for our different candidates. Everyone is struggling to insult one another for peanuts and pay.
I heard this time and time again… “Politics is dirty, don’t go into it, okay?” it was okay for me to even imagine that the politicians were likened to the biblical Tax collectors. Being a preacher’s kid didn’t really help much; we never were involved in the political arena. The fear of people being hacked down or cut short in their primes, the fetish stories surrounding it was not even helping matters. The thrilling game entertains me and the love of my country keeps me attentive now.
Can there be a thin line that maintains friendships during this politically heat up times?
There is a lot of polarization going on and we wonder what we may have on our plate after the decisions at the polls are made. We may as well find a thin line. A place where we agree on , stuff like ,
• We all wanting our country to flourish and our leaders to use the resources well .It’s so easy to get emotionally fired up
Extreme results are flying around and people walking away from their personal relationship.
• I think finding an ideology to support rather than a candidate will help dilute the hotness of our dialogues.
Reason and emotions collide and becomes tough in deciding. It could even involve those who have never voted and don’t even have the voter’s card or are ready to vote in or out their candidates, it was easier to stay on the fence till I realized a lot of things were happening because we weren’t using our voters right, so I started listening to the news and following it closely, but how far can you go to see the chess board, you just watch or listen to how the kings and pawns are moved on the radio and television, and then you wonder why. The media has its censor too and the viewers are at their mercy in thinking and making up their minds based on what he or she is offered as the Truth .Some give it raw.
Friendship is more important than either of us winning or losing a conversation on politics.
The goal is to listen and to understand and not to win.
Putting aside our ego and opening ourselves to never-ending learning.
Having strong opinions about some topics is okay but it’s cooler to open ourselves to see through another’s eyes, their experience may differ, ideas that. There’s a lot to learn and our upgrade our knowledge tank.
Family and friendships are two of the greatest facilitators of happiness –John Maxwell