We often take for granted the very people that deserve our gratitude.
I didn’t appreciating the importance of swallowing water painlessly until I had what the doctor called an inflamed tonsil; I was further referred to the specialist . Swallowing came with a painful moan and a shocking sensation in the right ear. I cherished the importance of swallowing without pain
Are you taken for granted or you are taking someone for granted, always assess and strive for a balance. Don’t push a loyal person to a place where they no longer care, where they no longer would sacrifice their happiness to please you.
Taking each other for granted is like a beautiful song on repeat ,until the listener gets tired of it and doesn’t want to hear it again but this doesn’t mean it’s no longer a great song.
Just before you start noticing that they are taken you for granted. They are subtle signs to show that it’s going down.
Just like good health ignored over time, a good relationship may slide into a place of Triviality. We may get used to each other just like swimming in the ocean of great health ; until something goes wrong and we suddenly realize that it was a gradual process, going down the drain for some time and we weren’t observant to rescue and slam the brakes with full doses of affection and appreciation for each other .It started when you started dropping your partner halfway home ,for instance,at the Estate gate? which is far from home instead of your frontage because you were running late instead of taking her home. It followed with not listening to him again, when he was desperately calling for your attention. When they give you a gift and you can’t utter a word of gratitude. Check it. while we walk through this life, There are always Signs.
Signs you are taken for granted
• They don’t ever say “thank you “nor say “May I”.
• They don’t treat you right or fairly.
• Asking how your day went will just be cool; when last did you hear that?
• Are you the only one initiating the first contact all the time? They don’t call back huh?, please Check.
• Your feelings are not considered and your sacrifice doesn’t count
• You are not their priority so they never have time for you.
• They are not afraid of losing you so they don’t value your presence, they ignore you most times.
• Deep within you, you fight with the thought that you actually deserve better.
• When they make mistakes, they don’t admit, they have wronged you.
• There are just no special occasions for you.
• They never ask for your opinion on a matter and your good nature is being used instead of loved.
How to not be taken for granted
• Love yourself, take yourself out, and applaud yourself so you are a whole person and not a half person who desperately want someone to love you and make you whole. Single is a whole figure, not half or three-quarter. Practice loving you, look in the mirror
• Don’t believe the nonsense that says if they take you for granted, they don’t deserve you, we all are guilty of these things especially if it hasn’t been so from the beginning.
• Pay attention to what you are doing for each other, think of the good things he or she does.
• We have to train ourselves to learn how to appreciate one another.
• Make your partner feel appreciated on their special days.
• Check with you once again. Are you exaggerating or generalizing ? Do you use words like always, all the time etc. Sometimes our minds may not be in the right place about a relationship.
• Never take those who love you for granted.
There is bound to be a bounce back when there is no equilibrium, when there is no appreciation for your emotional investment? Ask yourself …Are you someone who takes your loved ones for granted or your loved ones take you for granted ?Adjust as often as possible.
Our relationships need watering like a planted flower. Say where it hurts.
Be an asset and not a liability.
Stop dating people who don’t love themselves.
Do not neglect yourself in the process, take care of yourself too.
If you know you are feeling resentful, say what you need from your partner. Put your oxygen mask on first before you rescue the other.
Work it out.
Take care of you,