It’s been a while since I got down to penning some words, it’s been hectic managing things in the home front and at my 8 to 5 job ,I was a little bit under the weather,these recent weeks and I will tell the story here… One day.
I really got excited when I saw that a particular post of mine hit a good number of views.I was carried away and got really low when the last post had a few views.Blogging 😁…But then I had to correct myself…I am here to share the little I can …

I summoned all courage to pen these lines down, this is just to find out how the readers are doing.

How are you doing out there?

One of the main reasons I started this was because I wanted to create a place where I can pour out Good news and encouragement, the world has been putting forward bad news, back to back, and this can be a bit choking or disturbing if not checked, sometimes we just have to close the social media pages or switch off the Television to remain sound. This has been a challenge but we are meant to stay afloat and remain healthy. Sometimes it’s like the world is saying “How dare you create a safe haven, where only good things can be mentioned, you won’t even find! “. But then, if we look close enough, we will always find something to be thankful for, something to be grateful for and a good story in the midst of all to focus on.

The blogs are dishing the news and serving it hot, the clicks may be taking a lot to the bank but then, this may create a fog of fear around, where ignorance may eventually be desired over knowledge of evil, on a daily basis.

Our thoughts are things as we have been told, the things we think about are very important to us. This determines the actions and the world we create around us; we are also encouraged to guard our heart with all diligence because the issues of life flow out of it.

It’s been uneasy sitting and conversing about the metals inserted in a foot cast with a Neighbor, who was knocked down by a speeding vehicle .It’s been uncomfortable reading the News about a thirteen year old girl, Ochaanya raped for five years till death, a young woman murdering her children and her husband and then eventually taking her life, These sad things are everywhere and they cause a disturbing thought process, and eventually resulting to Fear as you go in to sleep with your loving partners and friends. These are the days where people secretly ask if these are the last days.

We need to stay focus on the good and not dwell on these ugly trends, we need to try as much as possible to get busy doing what our hands find doing so we don’t have spare time to idle and become the devil’s workshop.

This weekend, I was able to dismantle the clutter in my closet and kitchen, I am working on the tendency to hoard beautiful containers, even when the content is totally used, I keep beautiful perfume and cream bottles. I did a lot of cleaning, and I mopped the kitchen on my knees with a rag, after so many years, I discovered the tiles were way cleaner, cleaning with a rag than a broom stick. These duties take our mind away from the scary news trending.
Stay afloat…

Thank you,