What is it that you want in life?
The chances of getting what you want if you ask may range from sixty to hundred percent but the chances of getting what you want, if you don’t ask it is zero.
Most times, we may just assume that the people in our lives can clearly read our brains or decode our thoughts to find out what is it that we want, we are encouraged to ask , be assertive ,so we don’t just assume that they know and get bitter when we are not given what we silently want . There is an assumption we have, that our partners may mysteriously understand us, our desires and values, even if we don’t express ourselves, especially in romantic relationships. No matter how in love you are, your thoughts are not the same. Your challenges and thoughts and views may need to be accurately spelt out…this is important.
What if I am rejected? What if they say No to me? These are the pressing questions that spring up recurrently and many more; they come in countless ways to stop us from asking questions that may help us move forward. This coagulates our unidentified resolve for Stagnancy or Inertia. The fact is that we can only hear a “No” or “yes’. There is nothing to gain from not asking; even in a “No” reply. These negative replies could frequently come with some good reasons for the Refusals in addition; these reasons may give you areas to improve on. For the “Yes” Reply; you will get that which you want, also it will serve as a gateway to your quest.
I read somewhere about the ‘Animal farm’s rejection statement to George Orwell, they said “No one sells Animal stories, the remaining part of the story is already known, It sold. I also read about KFC’s founder and his three hundred Rejections which didn’t stop him. These people kept going, in spite of the sounding denials, so loud in their ears, reminding them of how disagreeable their Position and Ideas were…so cliché right? Nothing should stop us from asking, if you have been asking , keep on asking, keep going, keep selling, if you have been rejected ,yesterday, you will definitely be accepted today or tomorrow. Ask Mr Jack Ma, founder of Ali Baba.
I graced an exquisite wedding ceremony a few weeks ago, I danced a lot … I hope you dance too. I wasn’t given the usual surveaneir gift, hosts give guests especially in Nigeria and I saw others receiving theirs, I made an effort to ask for a gift,😎 that was a very huge one ,huge effort for me, to ask, but I did and voila, the answer was negative as the lady sharing said” it has finished”. I sat there regretting while I even asked in the first place, I would have just respected myself and kept quite, but wait! that’s no respect, don’t say, you are respecting yourself by sitting on your sit and wishing for things that are passing you by while you pile up bitterness, I even made an excuse for myself, and concluded it was because I didn’t buy the couple’s ‘Asoebi’ (uniformed fabric sold to the invited guests ahead of the wedding). I concluded it was lack of money that causes disrespect. I sat down staring around, I couldn’t ask any other person. It was an unpleasant moment for me, the same thing happened with the refreshment; the servers walked pass our table and not serving our table. I watched my two friends who came with us got up to go search for the gifts, they got it for themselves, How they did it? I didn’t know and I didn’t ask, and they even called the servers as well to serve us .We were served all courses of the meal and they also brought several gifts for us ,in fact all of us on the table. The gift bag comprised of beautiful coffee brown cups and lovely bowls. I loved the cups ,totally and I looked forward to wash and use them the next day. I went home with a smile and a lesson . Life and it’s gifts won’t just come to you . You need to ask for These things .These two friends got food for everyone, every course.
Most times, we sit down in our chairs, lean back and wait for someone to help us out of our sorry or not-so-sorry situations. Most times, we know what we want, but we don’t ask the people in our network ,we are afraid of No ,sometimes,after the first rejection, we cringe in our little corners wishing we never asked in the first place.
Please go and ask,don’t be afraid ,even if it’s tonight… okay … Most of Lagos is gathered at Tafawa Balewa Stadium for the Experience Lagos 2018.
I am watching online though…

I won’t mind if you share it so we can start asking for what we want.