Are you in a place where you often wonder why things aren’t functioning? Why you make certain decisions even if you know these decisions aren’t good enough but you find yourself indulging? Do you find yourself doing certain things in circles, year in, year out? There is a certainty that these actions and thought patterns maybe revolving on an inner core or may be swinging on a particular fulcrum.

Are you in a place where you date or marry a particular kind of guy or lady, over and over in different bodies? Their names and faces may vary but it’s the same behavior you tend to see .We may like to ask ourselves these questions … What are your core values in life? What are your core values for a relationship? As for me, when the heartbreaks came in back to back and toughened the once teary girl, I had to check myself. I took a piece of paper and faced facts and timeless truths. Are you looking for love? Are you searching for a perfect casing in a partner who will hurt the hell out of you? Is TDH specs high up your list? Are you looking for companionship or Abundance? There may be a tie somewhere …How are these values arranged? Which of them is top on your list and which can you sacrifice for the other. Can your love for pounded yam and vegetable soup, go lower on your list for you to have the perfect body you wish you had? These are serious challenges for most of us. What of your love for movies and fun, can this intense love be bargained for the fulfillment of success and progressive growth to take place?

What are core values by the way?

According to John Maxwell “Your core values are the deeply held beliefs that authentically describe your soul”.

Your core values are at the center of every choice you have ever made, every affiliation you nurture or nurtured and every goal you have achieved, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. You have been working on it and you can work with or on it. For instance, if you value Growth and its high up your list of core values, it will drive you towards doing activities that will bring Growth in our life .Same with Adventure. I found myself moving from place to place climbing hills in search of Adventure but the desire isn’t so strong at the moment so I believe we outgrow some of these things with time or some of it could simply be the pursuit of happiness. We may misguidedly work all our lives, assiduously acquiring money to find happiness and later discover happiness could be found somewhere close by.

Some revere Success and its usually placed high up their personal hierarchy, and everything they view passes through the lenses of what they perceive to have the potential of making them successful in the near future. The places they choose to live, they people they choose to interact with and the things they choose to buy. Even in the choosing of a life partner, for instance, the Amazon Boss, Jeff Bezos once said, he wanted one thing on the top of his list; “Resourceful’, he searched until he married a resourceful wife. When I realized high heels weren’t my thing, the laughter and name- calling from colleagues didn’t deter my love for flat shoes, I just bought cuter ones and the day I discovered my ‘Trybe’ on the hallways of a Lagos bookshop called Laterna , I smiled .

Some people just want to be happy and anything that takes away happiness is not for them, no matter how much wealth is involved. The overtime in the office can’t be traded for their cozy times on the soft couch .Some seemingly value Passion above Health and some place fun above Health.

I stumbled on a video under PROJECT LIFE MASTERY on You tube and the remarkable gentleman listed his idea of LIFE VALUES as shown below… You should check it up; these may help you write down your values and what is more important to you …HIERARCHY IS KEY here. And remember, we upgrade values as we grow older.

· Health
· Love
· Happy-cheerful
· Gratitude
· Passion
· Abundance
· Faith –being guided
· Confidence
· Physically fit
· Growth
· Success+ achievement
· Fun-adventure
· Being my best
· Being a leader
· Contribution

Good luck with your exercise.