Pick out that one thing you want to change and start there …last year was about being resourceful the next is being intentional …2019.
What is your plan for growth? You don’t have a plan, do you? Do you know if you need one? We all need one. John Maxwell says, Growth is not automatic, it’s growing old that is automatic, and you don’t need a manual for the later. You need to be intentional about Growth.
Some of us joined our organizations thinking growth will come automatically but with time, we learnt this was just an assumption. Personal growth has to be intentional.
The title above, “My year of Intentional living “got me laughing for a second, it sounded like the words on Nigerian church bumper sticker. The types you see on cars and doors, proudly stating their various church denominations and affiliations .Some paste it for protection and some for Identity sake
2018 year started with me being fixated on the idea of “Resourcefulness”. I heard it clearer and clearer as the days rolled by. Then I stumbled over a video online, it echoed it more, it was a life-transforming video of Jeff Bezos talking about how he looked for one quality in a wife and that was “Resourcefulness” .I decided that for anyone who will ask me for a solution ,I will leave them better than they were when they found me, if I can’t find a solution ,I will direct them to where they can find a solution and I decided to run with this mindset for three hundred and sixty five days . I felt useful and I was useful to the people around me, not useless. I was able to consistently stick to this mindset .Though, a little bit carried away by distractions that flew in to disrupt my focus, I was quick to adjust and fix my gaze on my resolve. I think it became a habit afterwards and I found myself doing it without even realizing
Then how has it helped me? am I still grounded in the same place I yearned to leave last year? am I still doing the things I wanted to do consistently, Yes, I rest on the beautiful idea that some goals can only be completed in a year or two but for the fact that you ware doing what you want to do consistently then you are on the right track, I got serious with my blog, I wrote every week .Though I stopped for a short while when I had hospital weights to carry but I came back to writing as soon as I got my keyboard in front of me. This year I was able to speak out more often and not habitually relegate my speaking duties to another whom I seemingly believed was better on the talking job. This year I started a lecture with a stutter ,a shaky voice and nervousness ; still I was bold enough to continue, I voiced my truth till I realized that my vocal sound became steadier and at the end ,the Applauds crowned my efforts. Their claps were like colourful icing on my freshly baked cake. This year, I smiled more. I sang into the surgical room and joyfully sang back on the stretcher when I was half way back to reality. My laughter was infectious and I danced a lot to good music and to crazy music, I hope you dance too. This year I have another thought ricking on my mind and it is “Intentional”. It gets louder as the days turn into nights and sunrises. The New Year brings an intentional dawn, something brand new .I even woke up and played Travis Greene’s song titled “Intentional”, last week.
It’s all about being intentional about living, choices, relationships; being intentional about our personal growth will do a great job in our lives. This is way more than just waiting or working without a strategy in mind and hoping that a hit-or-miss occurrence may just come- about and you will just get the lines straight. This is similar to not studying for an examination but walking into the hall, hoping and expecting the teacher to just miraculously favour you by choosing the part of the syllables you have an idea on, as the only Exam questions.
Get yourself into an Environment that’s conducive for your personal growth, when you improve your life, you can improve that of others.
Get to know yourself, and your limit, you have to know yourself to grow yourself.
Develop your strong point and work on your flaws, you may need to ask the honest people around you to tell you about your flaws, if you don’t know, trust me ,they will give you more than enough flaws…LOL
If you are a “2/10” or “3/10” in some skills, work on it to increase it and if you are (9/10) in some, you may not need too much effort in such skills, attitude etc. add value,
Let’s find out what you do very well. To succeed you need to settle on those good strings.
Be honest with your weaknesses and find people who are so much better at your weaknesses, get in their lives and offer them what you can do well, and then learn from their strengths, opportunity overflows when you do things together.
What are you doing to develop yourself?
How sure are you about what you are doing?
Do you know how to intentionally grow yourself?
Check what your skill levels are at and Invest one hour a day to improve on lower ones
I will try and spend my one hour this way, preparation- practice- reflection …daily.
I think public speaking is a low score skill for me .How about you?
This year, let’s make a commitment to have an intentional Growth.
Let’s make that commitment public.
Identify the areas you want to grow in.
By the way, do you read? What book are you reading at the moment, as for me I am reading “Tools of Titans” by Tim Ferriss.
Do have a good end of year.