There is nothing so new about the consequences of our choices but the ability to find a neutral stand and have a little hope that somehow everything will still pan out well is truly rampant ,even if we don’t do the right things, even if we don’t sow the right seeds ,we expect a sequoia tree. I read a lot of books and my library is to an extent quite good, yet I couldn’t see it translate into something beautiful just by reading until I was made jest of by my friends and colleagues, they wondered why I never improved my life despite my reading and why I was still stuck in my stagnant workstation despite my knowledge.

This search reached a point where I would go to places of training, attend online classes just to listen to something quite extraordinary which may possibly improve my life forever, but I realized that, these celebrated speakers were speaking on the same things I had read in my books or watched in the personal development videos several years ago yet I was still there, sitting in the pews and hoping to get a Eureka- inspired statement, a word may be or just something entirely different from the norm to change my life, I didn’t so I concluded that the issue was “Me” ,was it the Fear of taking a jump ? Were these speakers’ lives any different? Obviously they were up there teaching…was their lives changed or were they just bold enough to teach the little they know? Were they just coaching with the theory they learnt? Have they tested and done the practical in their lives? How did they translate their knowledge to money for paying their bills? How did they turn this knowledge to something as big as organizations? How did they move from employees to employers of labor, owning houses, getting their degrees and impacting people positively in the society? How were they footing their bills for international holidays conveniently? Or was this beautiful life just a façade like the usual social media well decorated lives that don’t reflect in reality? Were they debts lurking somewhere or was there another grind generating billions but well hidden from human eyes?…

I kept on searching and  I also changed the type of books I was reading  and learnt more from people around me ,I noticed ,they were selling things, services , they were exchanging things for money and I wasn’t .I was reading and I stumbled over a book called “the Alchemist” , I learnt that all I needed to learn in life was not just in a book but also in life generally, By observing around, Nature was and is still speaking ,God is talking ,everything I was going through and seeing was also speaking and I had to balance these lessons to have a whole life teacher , not just things others learnt and put in a book that were the laws , though it was cool knowing that reading was a short cut for me to learning from others’ experiences.

What was I supposed to do with this knowledge, how was I expected to apply this knowledge when I lived in a society where certificates were more of a proof and the key to opening doors and increasing my pay? How was I supposed to tell them that this is what I learnt from books and not just from schools? How was I supposed to start, until I picked this line somewhere in a book, STILL, okay, I love the idea of books …lol. I guess my quest brought the answer closer to me. It said, reading should lead to action and not just knowledge, my reading was leading to knowledge or stopping there, it wasn’t leading to action and then voila! I started acting on these things in my daily life I just want to encourage someone out there who took a while knowing these things or is wandering how to crack the code, let our reading lead to action and not just stop at knowledge.

The choices we make everyday determines where we may end up, Though sometimes things don’t end up the way we predict but as much as possible lets increase the likelihood of success in our lives by doing the right things consistently . What are those things we do consistently? We can’t wait for something to happen to us out of the blues that will catapult us to the dreams that we so want to achieve. After your dream, wake up daily and focus on the grind which leads to the achievement of such a dream.

We had some folks that came to stay with my parents many years ago, some stole our electric pressing iron, some stole, wrappers and some stole my father’s whole months’ salary and one was in a habit of bringing in unhappily married ladies to our home, instead of going to the school they fixed them in, so they were eventually sent back to the village. I learnt recently, that they are now moving around and asking the native doctors in the village, to tell them if they know who is behind their lack of success in life.

What do you do every day of your life? Will you be shocked or surprised at the outcome of your life in the next twenty years? Will it be your huge strides or stagnancy? Please, do not regret and also learn to rest.