Hey there, finally the long January has come to an end…someone said It’s like a big monday …😊 We are confronted om all sides with issues every day and we are being asked many  questions every day and we also ask questions on a daily basis …stuff like ,what’s for lunch ,how much is the aircraft? As much as possible we are expected to be Solutions in life, there’s this silent expectation …finding solutions to our problems and that of others May get us going and climbing in life, whatever ladder of success we dream and work towards, solution to diverse issues will keep you dredging deep for fresh waters and it will keep you relevant in your circle and link you to other circles.

Our quest for more growth in life may be possible if we have grit and the eagerness to solve problems around us. If I ask you a question and you readily provide, I may find myself referring people to you and going there myself to find solutions to my issues, this is a revolving thing and subsequently one would say, enough of this free stuff, I need to put some charge on it .

Our statements on a daily basis must be geared towards this. We should ask ourselves these questions “Am I proffering solutions? Am I asking questions on the things I don’t know about? How will this go along away to solve a problem in our lives?” this will restrict you from unnecessary chatter and focus you on what really matters. It will also prevent you from unnecessary complaints which may give you a wrong impression.

What your employer is simply employing you to do is to find him a solution to whatever problem he lines up as your job duties and responsibilities don’t to tell him many ways which the solution is impossible to do. There should be content beneath the container, there should me value behind the image you portray. Shallow lives are being sifted out with time.

Equip yourselves with solutions to the problems around you, research them, learn new things, Google it and find possible answers .be a blessing or a resourceful person in your community, locality, country and in the world, don’t be a problem listing person or a human being that is always equipped with reasons why stuff won’t go through or excuses for failures, with time, these stamps stick on you and they speak before your arrival. Be helpful to others and yourself. You don’t stay in a cocoon, open doors for networks and more through your solution acquiring and providing pattern. Plan your strategies so you don’t outstretch yourself,rest then keep going, reach out! You never know …Networks are everything; don’t shut people out with their issues.