Happy New year!!!!! I hope it feels fresh in your corner. I walked into a family-friend’s room and I was transfixed by the beauty I walked into .This home was simply beautiful, it looked well polished like the types I spend my idle time staring at on instagram .I was wondering how much the owner’s pay is worth and how well he was doing in his feed , the white house was the most beautiful on the patched up road and it looked freshly painted, sparkly white and something akin to the white house, okay, I think that was a little bit of exaggeration …but it was cool, the cool feel of the AC touching my sweaty feet was heavenly. We had no light in our area and the cool feeling was bliss . I quickly took off my covered shoes and sat down after the usual pleasantries and fed my eyes, the various and unique antiques, the mirror on the wall ,the large screen television, it was simply what I would want in a home. I could stay there all day long and not be tired. I couldn’t help but tell the beautiful lady of the house “Your home is beautiful”
The owner walked in from a long session in the gym, and I was impressed, He looked like a disciplined middle aged man with a smile like that of the Sterling Brown in the series “This is us”. My mind was asking questions but the most pressing question was “What will I learn from this beautiful couple?”
It wasn’t long before I started learning. The microwave oven was twenty two years, the car was twelve years or so, the pressing iron was eighteen years and some other cool things .They were in near perfect condition. So at the end of my stay, I learnt that the beauty of taking care of your things over the years and not buying new ones to replace them all over again gives you the advantage of always having money for other needs and other’s needs.

Maintenance is a rare culture in this side of the world and the beauty of it sprang up in my face that Sunday morning. I saw the things I could preserve and save my money if I could handle the stuff with much care. For instance, our roads, government amenities, facilities, equipment, there is beauty in the New but there is also a unique type in the old, it makes you have lesser things to spend your money on, maybe just maybe, we wouldn’t be found doing the same things over and over if we could maintain the ones we have or had.

Most times, we attach poverty to the old things and attach wealth to the new, sometimes, we don’t even want to be seen with the old stuff, I remember the shock I had when I saw that a fresh year girl from a supposedly wealthy home reported to college with a neatly stitched leather sandals, probably used in her primary school. I felt they should have thrown it a way, it wasn’t presentable. It was a wrong mindset and I had to throw that away.

When the beautiful Meghan and Prince Harry got married last year, it was a beautiful event and I also learnt. The preserved jewelleries over the years were a delight , the Tiaras from generation past were displayed at the occasion. Once again I saw the beauty of the old things.
Every government will not come to do the same things over and over if we can only preserve what we have, give quality to it, build it with the best tools and best raw materials, and these edifices will be built to last. May be we will not spend so much over and over again.

Today, a market got burnt, burnt to ashes and the next on the news may be that the Government is going to build a new market or give monies to the victims of the fire incidence, when you don’t have systems in place to preserve facilities, they burn, and they waste without a stop. The first time I saw a fire fighter was on television, I was watching Barney and friends with my little brother that year, thanks to Lagos state Government, I see them rush pass to fire sites.

The bridge in remote Katsina Ala in Benue still stands after many years but it’s an eye saw, whatever happens to preserving this bridge, managing or checking to prevent the final collapse. The pictures I see are scary, chopped off Tar here and there. The Trucks are still passing on it with heavy loads of yams from the largest yam market in Africa, that’s Zaki Biam market. I digress… can we learn from the people that closed down the third mainland bridge for repairs late last year in Lagos? I am just asking…

Back to our shoes and dresses, washing or cleaning them mildly, folding them gently and stitching the lost buttons with other ones can save us good money from changing our wardrobes.
‘A stitch in time saves nine’ sounds cliché but it actually saves nine .take good care of your phones, your stuff and even that of the government , the future generations we thank us for this ,let’s start thinking more beyond our generation ,let’s hand them something besides the debts accumulated.

Your personal person,