The memories of walking the roads of Mkar are still revisiting me, I learned how to face down while walking these streets with time .My compassion overwhelmed me as I saw so many bandages on cut limbs .My dread for cut limbs shrank as my hours at this hospital increased, I came prepared to learn lessons and spend my birthday with my father at the Hospital. My oversensitive nature felt everything deeply. There was a night I heard the sounds of cries from a nearby ward, one soul left this world and the patients cried, that was my alarm for waking up that day, I tried to show a beautiful egret to one stroke patient who happened to be my father. Motion is a blessing; these worlds struck a chord within, if you can move from A to B, then celebrate this and thank God and use this for good. The peaceful nature of the rehabilitation made me lose my fears a bit as I walked with my two buckets of water on each side; it was passed midnight, I walked easily around a place called “Mortuary”.

This was a place for reflection and this was a right place to be on my birthday, pushing someone dear to me in a wheel chair will be my best service but I was a novice, I stumbled but I was eventually helped. Lessons came in boxes, everyday .Was it the glee on the face of the two legged amputee or his stunning spin, down the slope? He knew how to use his wheel chair well. He also loved watching the Television and he was willing enough to share his history of pain, the curtains caught fight and then his legs .eventually they were taken off. That accident was clearly in his past as he would excitedly laugh at the motion pictures on the Television. The Ashoka masquerades were so beautiful but the cries from the painful physiotherapy sessions went deep, I could not appreciate the whispering leaves totally, the little baby with bandages cry was piercing, I walked out and briefly took a selfie .My selfishness didn’t drown the pain, so I went inside and sat by my father while waiting to help put him on the table.

I remember one morning, last week, I went to buy cooking ingredients to fix breakfast and I was told by passersby that the seller wasn’t out yet and they graciously pointed out her house, which I walked to, scratching my head, I said “kpan! kpan! Is anyone inside? I will like to urgently buy some things “and I heard the Reply, “I am taking my bath, I will come and sell to you when I am done bathing “, I was crushing my teeth in frustration as I had earlier placed a pot of stew on the cooking stove before dashing to buy from her, I decided on waiting, but after a long time, I lost my cool. I loudly complained as I walked out of the compound, I blamed her for her lack of promptness, though I never heard her say a word in response and I also blamed the Government and the entire Community, how unserious they are, about doing Business and how this behavior may be disadvantageous. “It’s almost seven am for goodness sake”. I complained. She had spent too much time in the bathroom as far as I was concerned. I left and later got the things somewhere else.

On the last day of my stay at the hospital, after taking care of my father, I had to travel back to work. I was walking down the road to get a bike and go back to Lagos. I stopped by the lady’s kiosk to buy a drink for the road and also advise her on how fast I take to bath. That was when her sight smashed my lack of patience and arrogance .I watched the seller struggle to walk, and then I realized why she wasn’t fast to sell to me. She came out and I saw that her legs weren’t healthy like mine .She had crutches for assistance; one was leaning by a carton of indomie.