Every beginning of the year, I find this passionate energy to soar and accomplish everything I ever want to achieve in life, do you feel same too? There is this surge of energy that makes me feel and work with the consciousness that I will unquestionably reach an envied height with an exquisite abode, where I will own my beautiful office space and it will be just down the corridor of my home, with the sparkly window overlooking the vast blue sea and could go down and watch the waves during my break time, when road traffic is no longer a scary monster in my nine to five job and I would just have credit alerts coming in as I do whatever I want to do ,yes writing . I think I have been reading a lot of Ramit Sethi’s mails these days and they are making me think like this …Can will drag this positive energy to the remaining eleven?

Where is the plan? What is it that I have to offer with my writing that may warrant such extravagance .Giving me the gift of Rest, Time and Money enough to foot my pressing bills; at the same time combat the surging state of Inflation in my dear country, Nigeria? 

The January babies have their birthdays right at the beginning and everything simply stresses on the importance of a New Year and new Resolutions and Dreams but  as the months stroll in , with some practically waddling in or carrying extra load like beasts of burden, you are likely to forget the well-penned down stuff you seriously wanted to achieve .

One thing I know is that I don’t want the Lagos traffic again, I don’t want the rat race, I don’t want the stagnancy and so many things I see around me and I will like to stimulate my brains more for wealth and health. I have this resilient belief that we were born with all that we will ever need to survive in our lives. Check out the chameleon’s survival instinct, think of the rest of them animals.

I often think that there is simply a missing strategy or a map to unlock this Treasure besides the daily hard work though I went to church last week and I was told, we should continue with the toil and one day, God will give us time and chance ,it will happen to our mundane lives and voila! We will be shouting “Eureka!” like Galileo Galei. On what day will this visitation be? I think there are plans and strategies

In all these, I will rest, I hope you will too …I will Take some time in the midst of the hustle and dreaming, rest and enjoy the view.

Thank you,