It appears a lot of us are stuck somewhere in between not knowing what to do and knowing what we truly enjoy in our lives. With this pressing questions on our minds, we tend to not even want a lot of people around us to know this disturbing Dilemma. We don’t want these folks to know about our ignorance and fears ,because of our intellectual Insecurities, so we don’t ask the needed dumb questions we crave answers for , in order to move forward. Most times, we do not have a single idea about where we are heading to in this life ,still we stay mute or silently search books and posts and blogs for the solutions , I learnt in the book ‘The Alchemist’ , that we can learn from nature and happenings around us,not just the written ones…I digress…We attend trainings with the hope that it will be settled by a Trainer or a Preacher/Guru. I recently learnt that passion is overrated by the way. What do you think? it’s so overrated that some of us sit still, waiting or scanning around for that unique thing that might make us passionate to spring out so we can start the plowing, but it doesn’t always happen that way.I think we are part of this universe and the happenings should be communicating if we listen enough to hear and see the issues yearning for solutions trapped in us by our Maker.

We have a lot who couldn’t find that ‘thing’ till now, they are in their seventies or eighties, then some who found out at seventy like the KFC founder and many more.It may seem like a Mirage.

I went to “Humans of New york “page the other day on Facebook and I realized that it was even soothing to realize that my once- in- a- while feeling of not knowing the exact thing to do was not a unique problem, we were many but what I picked out of it was that, we should always be on the goal to learn new things if we find ourselves in this dilemma. Learn New skills and add to our skill set, we should have a growth mindset and be ever ready to top up on the existing .I’ll like to look at it like shopping, where you pick skills and drop in your shopping trolley, this will not just expose you to the right opportunities but it will also make you more aware of the things you might like doing. If you don’t try, how will you know?

Skills abound, some don’t come with a payment, and some come with a token and a lot of sacrifice. If we can only learn one skill per time, now and then, we will make a lot of effort towards staying away from what we do not like.

We hear stories of Icons polishing skills and honing them to be capable of being sold at a good story, that inner satisfaction one tends to arrive at, does it ever reach there? We can always ask icons close by ,who knows you may be close to one .😁

We have many reasons that may make it seem as if we don’t know what to do in this life;

  • Maybe what you want to do may not feel “Big enough” ,not knowing that you can make it big enough when you start with a big vision.
  • When the honing of a skill doesn’t take place early enough, we may just stop midway and throw in the towel.For instance, you make good  enough music, but for you to create great music, you must polish up the raw talent, train your voice, get good producers and dutifully search for opportunities or stages to showcase your talent but when the process is being seen as too hectic and we rather  focus on the reason why it won’t work .we may ignorantly conclude that we don’t have any.
  • A lot of us are stuck on a job, doing what we don’t like simply because it pays bills. It takes all our time .We reach home too tired for a side hustle that gives us fulfilment .
  • I learnt others ended up in this dilemma because they actually found what they wanted to do but along the way they lost focus and their distraction became their new reality.
  • Some are still on a job they don’t want because, what they want to do in life is still be honed and it hasn’t reached a point of paying their bills, so they spend off days and their off duty days to practice. And it’s taking forever so they are wondering if it will ever end well.
  • Some are waiting for the A-ha moment instead of looking for opportunities or problems to create impact.
  • Most times we have lots of ideas but no successful plan on the horizon.
  • Some believe that …absolutely no one has life figured out and are confidently living in the moment and “Now”.
  • It may be the community you find yourself in. You can sell your sheep and travel if you don’t find fulfilment in being a herdsman but prefer Globetrotting .🤔🤔

I hope you find what you are looking for and even if you don’t, make sure you live life to the fullest and have a lot of fun while you are on the stair case waiting for the door of purpose to open.

There is Bus driver who wanted to be that from childhood .He uploads his daily videos on YouTube with so much joy.

There’s an accomplished lawyer who always wanted to be a Traffic Warden…Volunteer jobs can make up for these childhoods jobs.

Stay present . It’s perfectly okay not to have everything figured out.Start with what you have available .

Search for something you are doing that makes you happy.

Volunteer jobs can fix some issues too.

The changing experiences may change our desires, it’s like buying a car and then not feeling the way you thought you would feel after a few months.You crave a newer model .It’s like a Mirage sometimes. Sprinkle a little contentment…😋