Tomorrow is the election in Nigeria, No news I guess! It was canceled few hours to the Election Day, last week Saturday. it’s been a tough one for most people, maybe the public holiday today will calm a lot of nerves ,as for me I am working today as I am tagged as an ‘essential duty worker’, I am not complaining!

Why are you voting your candidate? This is a question that a lot of Nigerians have not been able to answer correctly also a lot of Nigerians have travelled to their various villages to go and vote out Buhari and vote in Atiku or Vote in Buhari for a second tenure and not vote Atiku. Whatever happened to Fela and Sowore, I guess their political parties are not so popular like APC and PDP but they are much younger in age though .

Social media has been agog with clap backs on twitter and all manner of insults on Facebook from the two popular parties, the memes are something else. I spoke to a few real life friends and out of ten, I found two who actually had Permanent voters’ card for voting tomorrow. And I usually tried to go off Facebook but found myself going back there, I guess it’s the fear of missing out (FOMO) in action, do I blame the creators of these apps? I don’t think so; I guess I have a choice to make in my life. I even hoped it would take place last week so at least all the flying insults and bogus stories will just stop already. Maybe we would be just a little humane for some time.

Jussie smollet is trending across there and it’s spilling into our climes, I guess watching Empire has made him so in our minds and seeing him being insulted all around, with funny memes of Steve Wonder’s picture with a write-up on top saying “I saw him with my very own eye” strikes the wrong chord, just a week after he was the victim of hate with the hash tag #justiceforjussiesmollet .These turn around seems so absurd and the subconscious has been asking “Why would he do it? What would he stand to gain from fabricating that story? Did he do it? I still haven’t found the response, and so did he really do it? The insults on him and the entire Smollet family got me thinking “It must be so hard for them”, if they can just take a break from their pages and possibly shut comments down. If it’s true, then it’s a lot of groups going down with the story, it would be tough for the people he made to sympathize and demonstrate publicly for him. These Social media apps are like a gasoline. What ever happened to benefit of a doubt in our lives, that thing is scarce these days, all I see is “Crucify him!” What if? Just what if? And those Nigerian boys, Nigeria got featured in Empire …hmm, where were these two born? Is it Nurture or Nature playing here? {Curious Mimes, Let your questions sleep with a chilled cup of Yoghurt}. What if he is truly wrong? I digress…Let’s go back to Nigerian election…

Why are you voting your candidate?

What questions should you ask your presidential Candidate ?

How are the plans concerning  Health?

How does the detailed plan made for education looks like?

How is his disaster response like?

How will he improve on the transportation in this country.

The cost of living is high ?How can this be fixed?

The issue of Insecurity ,How can it be solved ?

These types of questions and much more but to my greatest dismay .A young man refused to vote an eligible candidate for the fact that he is stingy with his money .Another agreed to vote because he has fine children and fine wife .

What do we do with these sets of Nigerian? We quietly vote and leave tomorrow .We are going to avoid drama .

I hope to vote tomorrow the first time in my life . For once we are assured that our votes count .

Hey Nigerian readers ,get your snacks,tee shirts,converse and a face cap incase the sun comes to shine it’s face.A bottle of water or a drink will be Prefect .

Stay safe !!!👌🏽