April is here and all I think of is the briefness of time, it was just yesterday, we were blowing whistles and blasting music and congratulating ourselves for making it into the New Year. We were excited and we were filled with strong convictions about our intentions and achievements for the year. It was also a reflection point for us. As for me, there was a strong determination to turn my life around with more useful stuff, take intentional steps towards the much imagined future I dreamt of. I really needed to start achieving greater goals and not just talking goals.I was ready to bleed on the sacrificial cross of ‘The Now’ and save or invest those little expenses for a brighter future, it was a laser focus thing.
April …along the way, I noticed that my well scripted 2019 goals are being smashed …so far, though not as hard as I would have wanted but I think I am beginning to shift my deadlines to later dates; I am beginning to slack a little bit. I need to be hard on myself and relax on the daily watching of “Skinny girls in Transit”. I love that series, first Nigerian series I have enjoyed totally. I slept around 1am the other day because of it oo. What are you watching at the moment?😋… a little withdrawal won’t hurt you know…I really need to sit up and stop sprinkling excuses everywhere. How are you handling your deadlines in this fourth month of 2019? Are you building your brand? How about developing your Personal Legend .
Sometimes ,This could be due to fear of a radical change from a much stable income to the rough streets of entrepreneurship .Those streets don’t have chill pills but they are rewarding in the long run; A clear cut off from the golden chains of the comfort zone may pamper our boils instead of pressing them for the pus to come out… eew.
Sometimes the fear of not being able to meet your dependents needs may keep you grounded instead of moving forward or away from the Norm. Soft landing may never come eventually. Sometimes you may have to jump despite all the strings, as you jump midair, the strings will cut .One of the reasons why I love Malcolm Gladwell’s book titled ‘Blink’.

Being intentional about every little thing in life has a way of joining your mundane beads together into a chain of blockbusters. Being laser focus in your life starts with utilizing every second, minute and hour of the day, in fact every decision or step towards your vision.

Your words and thoughts should be deliberate and premeditated towards refining yourself and your world, improving your career path, improving your health. It’s now obvious that you can control most aspects of your life by being purposeful; a lot of us tone down the ‘little stuff’ in our daily undertakings and focus only on the big day lurking in the future. Not knowing that these ‘little stuff’ make up for the grand day, they are simply tryouts for the Grande platform. The small pieces make the big picture
Don’t fear the future; let’s remember that every single second that is passing you by is the future. You can create your future. I can create my future. Make sure you create a great future for yourself.
Don’t regret the past; pick lessons from it from time to time… you can change your direction in life.
What you want to buy now, do you really need it? Have less, do more and maintain balance.
Choose quality over quantity in every decision, check your priorities. What is gradually taking your money?
Invest in trainings, learn and update your brain and don’t leave your life journey in the hands of your organization, it’s your life, take charge and invest in yourself.
I am sure you have heard this; Improve your network, your network determines your net worth.
I know People can be a pain but we all need to work on our relationships with people, the ship sailed from Information to Relationship.
Don’t chase people, be an example and attract them.