Life is unpredictable but principles give us the closest likelihood to the word “Predictability “. Principles many at times are like light houses standing still for guidance and our life ships navigating around it or finding direction by its present. No matter how experienced or exposed a captain you are, the light house should never be mistaken for a ship and you are expected to dodge. It’s like those constants in the equations that never change. If you throw a ball up, it will surely fall down.

Life comes with a lot of these principles and you may often see it written as “Guiding principles” in most places. For every aspect of life, we have these strong Pillars. If well-regarded; Principles will make life a lot more outstanding and meaningful and even success will be almost assured.

In spite of the rough times we have on this globe, we strive daily to knock out Rigidity and install Fluidity in our lives yet There are basic parts of life that have refused to go with this fluidity trend in life.

For instance, there are seasons for planting and harvesting, therefore, Growth is seasonal, you need to respect that principle and wait for the right time for sowing and harvesting or you will lose out. Yeah! They may be new innovations for crops to grow in all seasons, but the circle of growth still tops the hurriedly grown ones.  I think that is reason why our locally grown chickens are more delicious than the hastened broilers and layers. lol… The baby still stays in there for 9 months for maturation …What do you think?

There is a craving for the knowledge on Tomorrow’s outcome.   Principles give us some all -time -truths that may give us a close- as -possible dream of the future .Though our feelings may a times  seduce us to sway and fall short of our guiding principles, the feedback surely comes. No matter how long the delay is.

Are you ready to compromise for the future? Some days we see the Great ones fall for a very stupid shortcut or a mistake made in the past, rather than endure the right path, they play ‘smart’. At crossroads of Indecision, These cherished values come in handy and they keep you safe from taking a regretful step.

Principles are dished out; most as opinions, there is always a need to sieve it to a point where our inner conviction knows that Truth.

Let your inner compass be your light that guides you, and let your walk reflect integrity every day .There will be more Meaning in your life, as you build blocks of Honesty, Love, Truth and Hope in your life. When your last breathe is taken by the Giver of life, Echoes of your noble life will give smiles to the generations before you, your generation and the next. It will be light to more unborn lives.

Don’t trade your cherished Principles for a pot of Porridge.

Lots of love,