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Dare to be a Misfit

Lifestyle, Motivations

Not one more face among the crowd… Back in the days, I joined the Arts and Culture Club simply because, the club went outside of the school for competitions very often, and leaving the fenced school to see the outside…

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Knead Enthusiasm into your Day.

Lifestyle, Motivations

  Life is a teacher; and one unique thing about this teacher is that, with him, your syllabus is not revealed to you, at least early enough so you can study, it’s unpredictable. Unlike SOME Nollywood movies; Life just walks…

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Humanity and Humans of Social Media

Lifestyle, Motivations

I couldn’t hide in my world any longer this morning. Yesterday , Escapism hugged me tight and I rested there .It was comforting not to have the hundred plus  bodies that were murdered in Plateau state , replay in my…

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Seeing beyond the brands

Lifestyle, Motivations

My first day of the second week at work was a bright one, this fateful day saw me walked into the office with a beautiful baby-pink shirt, neatly tucked into a grey skirt, let’s say, the price of ten of…

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How resourceful are you?

Lifestyle, Motivations

I have this cherished friend of mine; she is always willing and able to come up with a solution, anytime I bring an issue to the table. She doesn’t have several degrees or diplomas on her cap; she proffers solutions…

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Are you really walking in your shoes?

Lifestyle, Motivations

Hello, stilettos,flats,sandals and slippers  wearers😊… There was this Tyler Perry movie I watched sometime back, titled “The family that preys”. There was this lady in there, I can’t recall her name, and I think she was Cookie Lyon of Empire’s…