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Humanity needs your own Truth

Inspiration, Motivations

Sometimes, we have all it takes to start something…Sometimes we just have a little for the first baby steps; yet we fail to dive in because we are afraid of something, afraid of the fear of being laughed at, afraid…

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11 Key Benefits of Hugging

Inspiration, Lifestyle, Motivations

Should I call it “The power of physicality”…hmm I woke up today to much ado about the Hugs of last night at the world cup Finals. A lot of the statuses and hash tags were about the Beautiful Croatian President,…

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Dare to be a Misfit

Lifestyle, Motivations

Not one more face among the crowd… Back in the days, I joined the Arts and Culture Club simply because, the club went outside of the school for competitions very often, and leaving the fenced school to see the outside…

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Knead Enthusiasm into your Day.

Lifestyle, Motivations

  Life is a teacher; and one unique thing about this teacher is that, with him, your syllabus is not revealed to you, at least early enough so you can study, it’s unpredictable. Unlike SOME Nollywood movies; Life just walks…

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Humanity and Humans of Social Media

Lifestyle, Motivations

I couldn’t hide in my world any longer this morning. Yesterday , Escapism hugged me tight and I rested there .It was comforting not to have the hundred plus  bodies that were murdered in Plateau state , replay in my…

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