Recently I read Brian Tracy’s book titled “The psychology of selling “and he mentioned how one’s low self-esteem can affect his or her earning in life. Do you know that this may just be the reason for not hitting those financial goals and success targets you envisaged?🤔🤔 Think about it again. Self-esteem may just be it.

So what is self-esteem?

It’s simply how you feel about yourself.

What is low self-esteem?

It’s when you don’t like yourself or when you feel bad about yourself.

It’s the disposition to cope with the basic

Bryan Tracy further explained in detail how a Rejection of one’s product may be wrongly interpreted as a rejection of one due to low self-esteem and this may stop one from going out to sell again. Interesting perspective!

Most times people with low self-esteem are not aware they have or are not ready to admit that they have a low self-esteem. This may just be the source of one’s stagnancy in life. You just feel you are not good enough for anyone so you just sit by yourself and watch life happen or play safe. No, this is not the way. A lot of people go through low self-esteem at one point or another. We should always keep in mind that we are human beings who deserve dignity, respect, and let that sink in. it’s a little bit difficult but totally doable when someone is constantly reminding you of your worthlessness.

Low self-esteem shows up in so many ways, so how do we recognize this?
· They buy possessions to impress others and follow the trends to impress others.
· Inviting all folks they know or barely know in to their personal space.
· They sleep a lot especially in the afternoon…really? I do too.
· They have Trouble being with others, reason being jealous of others who have higher self-esteem.
· Fears of failure, people fail before reaching success, they find it hard to progress because of the fear of failure.
· When they make mistakes, they don’t forgive themselves leading to frustration.
· They cannot say “No”. They always want to help others for approval sake and sometimes they can’t complete the task, they can be even disappointed in the future.
· They take side with negativity, needing extra booster from friends and family.
· Indecision –letting people make decisions for them.
· They have hard time or Trouble being alone because they hate themselves and they need validation eventually when they find people to hang out with.
· Always say sorry, despite small mistakes that can be tolerated.
· Seeking Reassurance, not wanting to disappoint, give them a slight boost.
· They think everything is based on luck; they want to be excluded from success because they think they can’t succeed.

What is the Way forward?
· They tend to think very little of themselves. You feel you are not worth taking care of. This will lower it even more; it’s called a downward spiral. Break out of this circle by taking care of yourself, clean your room, and eat healthier, if you change how you treat yourself, you will improve instead of worse and worse, you will get better and better, For instance, improve on Dental/personal hygiene.
· Create your own thoughts, for instance, I am a good person who does good things for other people. For instance in the Bible, we have God’s words that tell us good stuff about us even if we don’t believe at first, read it until we believe… Know who you are! From statement to believing, you can fix it. Focus on good thoughts that will bring you up instead of down. Though your interactions with the world may leave you with a negative version of you but don’t react to it, create your own version of you in your mind and act it out. Just Goodness through and through.
· Stop the negative committee that meets in your head, discussing how unimportant you are, for instance,” Nobody loves me”. Then find somebody to love. Reframe negative thoughts and remember you are worthy of every good thing .Don’t dwell on negative thoughts. If you listen to these thoughts over and over, you will start to believe that you are not good enough. Dwell on the goodness God gave you as a default and those you can easily improve on. Rewire your thoughts for the good ones.
· Don’t justify being unproductive. Looking for reasons or excuses for redundancy. If you feel useless, do something useful, instead of doing nothing, most times the self-esteem will take care of itself once you see the results of your useful actions.
· Stay focus and get rid of distractions.
· Change your daily bad habits for good ones.
· Make challenges that will push you pass your limits and beyond.
· Change your environment if possible. Withdraw and take care of yourself.

Go buy and read this book “Six pillars of self-esteem” by Nathaniel Branden, or find the pillars underneath…

· The practice of living consciously.
· The practice of Self-acceptance.
· The practice of Self-responsibility –Don’t love playing the victim.
· The practice of Self-assertiveness.
· The practice of living purposefully.
· The practice of Personal integrity.

It’s Constant practice… all of your life. DON’T JUST READ A BOOK ABOUT “IMPROVING SELF ESTEEM”


Lastly,Improve what you can change and learn to accept what you can’t.

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