I learnt that the greatest need for human beings is ‘discovering what to do in their “Now”, that they may apply in order to make a more fruitful tomorrow as well as comfort in their future. They are constantly searching for a better life for themselves and their loved ones.
When folks discover a person with the best answers to this pressing need, they draw towards such a person like iron fillings to a magnet or insects to a lighted fluorescent tube. These personalities may present themselves on different platforms but the message is usually the same, ‘A message of hope for tomorrow’. They may be sharing their tried and tested maps to ensure a smooth ride into a better tomorrow. They may come as Leaders, Authority figures, Celebrities, Grandmothers, and Clergymen in different religious houses; they may have no portfolio or title but have a promising vision. ..And you, reading these lines may also be a visionary in your niche.
It’s common to see people searching for hope for a good tomorrow flock around conferences and trainings and churches and mosques. If you observe, the Blogs that blog on earning more money tend to have the highest clicks. There is an insatiable hunger.
The ‘Now’ is filled with opportunities for a great investment. If harnessed well, the likelihood of a better tomorrow is assured.
How are you sowing your seeds for a better tomorrow? Is there anything you are doing that can assure you of a better tomorrow? Sometimes you may have it all in your backyard but won’t know the exact point to dig for your gold. So we keep going , but one thing I know is that , money is very important in our lives, it makes things go round, and if we learn how to plant these seeds ,we may harvest or get a great harvest .
Eating seeds today to survive, if you have a little, learn to pay for the tomorrow that you may not be able to walk or work for the money. This applies to burning bridges too. The power of human connection cannot be over emphasized. The beauty of helping individuals as we go through life always pays back so acts of kindness can also be sown in other lives as well as our lives. You got to value people and not just valuing knowledge.
Sometimes it may look like life has passed you by,especially when it seems like you don’t have anything to offer. People yearning for some people to fill their needs. I was thinking about some persons that were in high positions in the society some years ago, seeing them was a huge issue but the moment they were relieved of their appointments, their houses became deserted and they flow of the crowd moved to another person .People gravitate towards a place , where they can be nourished ,whatever the hunger is , but the main thing is , to secure their tomorrow. It’s too scary to know that the tomorrow that is not assured may be tough. So back to the question, what do you have to offer your people or the person next you? Do you have a message of hope on your lips? Are you willing to tell them what you did that got you to where you are or what they can do to get them to their place of their dreams?
The visionaries are strong magnets with a strong magnetic field. They Sprinkle hope as much as possible as well as help others imagine a future that is not so clear. This brings fulfilment. Who are you to the people around you…is your of being used preventing you from being resourceful? What do you do when some days are like you are not even sure of tomorrow… Someone said she listens to inspiring people and another says she listens to music and another suggested taking walks,journaling and dancing it out . Please, learn how to encourage yourself .
I learnt that if you keep complaining about everything, people will flee from you; I think most times it reminds them of the sad or desperate situations that they are desperately trying to hide themselves from .Choose your audience well for sulking.
Manage your resources, manage your networks, nourish them well, and sow seeds for the future .you never knows who will help you. We live in a world that is gradually turning into a place where being human is no longer in fashionable and the things that were well-regarded as values are being laughed at , it’s tougher holding on your belief, but its doable.
Upgrade your skill set, get certifications, what’s new in your industry ? Please, learn it, we have the internet on our finger tips and some links come with free courses. Develop yourself. By all means don’t be stagnant lest poverty crawl up on you.