For some months now I have been searching everywhere for fresh knowledge on money-making …I think I made a lot of progress on getting new knowledge, specifically on how Money works. I totally love reading books, so I started by switching my type of books from the “feel good” or inspirational books and fiction to the types on making money. Tools of Titans by Tim Feriss was a bit of fresh air, it was relaxing and instructive, unlike the diagrams in others get rich books on assets and liabilities.
I grew up liking the idea of being like the righteous but poor Lazarus who made heaven and not like the rich man who went to the burning hell. I remember little me announcing to my siblings “I am Lazarus! You are the rich man!” Being good was linked with poor and being rich was linked with being bad, and this classification stuck and grew up with me in my mind…do you remember the ‘poor as a church rat’ saying?
When the bills started coming in droves and the salary wasn’t enough I started working on my mindset. I knew something was wrong, the book “Rich dad, poor dad” helped with the knowledge, and so did “Richest man in Babylon”. After reading Tools of the Titans, I knew I had to apply and I have started. I am still grabbing notes on anything that will make me rich enough to give to the needy. Meeting needs is such a joy, we should all try it often. I got these points below from those who made it or researched it.
You will not be rich if …
• You are not trying new things .You are so afraid of change that you remain same. There is a quote that says “Those who risk nothing, do nothing, have nothing and are nothing.
• You think wealthy folks got lucky and they have well-to-do parents or they have occult secrets. Please learn, and don’t be a victim of your mindset and lack of action.
• You are making excuses – Things always happen to you and you are always not at fault. The system is always unfair to you. Always the victim in your chain of excuse stories. Never the Hero . Most times, the ‘have- nots’ justify their lack of accomplishment with excuses…people are always at fault, all men are these and that, all women are these and that, but the common denominator is you! Face the reality and stop blaming on everything except you.
• You spend more than you earn -caring for about appearances than wellbeing. Sometimes buying stuff You don’t even need to impress people who are not even aware that you exist .You run into debts all the time.
• Taking advice from persons you barely know and family who are poor… Search for or find heroes for good advice on money …people you look up to. There is this quote that says ‘You are your circle’. Don’t take advice from people who are less successful than you except you are learning what to avoid from them.Oops! This is brutal ,You may not even know me😓.
• You don’t have financial goals and you don’t act in accordance. Sit up, Yes! You!
• You are not learning constantly –entertainment is not making you better, you are not growing, just fading away , help yourself and learn ,how many books did you read last year .Do you read for learning or for entertainment .Start reading and read about great men and women , how they made it that far, faced risks, failure and humiliation ,study how they started ,listen to audio books especially when you are in traffic so you don’t waste your time. You must also convert this acquired knowledge to consistent action towards your goals. I was stuck here for a long time. Take Baby steps if you can’t move fast.
• You don’t understand basic mathematics, understand data and draw conclusions
• You focus on saving instead of earning- learn how to generate more and invest…repeat the process…
• You are waiting for a miracle – A lot of Africans are found wanting in this area. Do you want for God or by invisible deity to come and save you from your issues or predicament. Hello! God gave us a brain you use .Use that App and update it too.
• You don’t have an investment ,nothing generates an extra income for you.
• You are not disciplined – You know disciplined people get things done right? Do that thing and stop generating excuses for why you can’t
• You are too scared of failure.
• You work for 40 hours or less a week. For real?
• You are a Lazy couch potato😋
• You know deep down that you are not going to make it.
• Save at least ten percent of your income or let’s say ‘Pay yourself ten percent and make it grow and eventually work for you.
• Learn how to differentiate between Assets and Liabilities. The things you buy eh …some are categorised under high maintenance and they gulp or sip in your money and some generate money for you instead.
Thank you,