Roughly 15% of our lifetime is spent in school…
There is no manual for life but life throws a lot at us and we need to learn these important skills below for an easier ride.
First of all, I would have truly loved to know how Money works much earlier in life… this could help us in effectively saving for retirement and at least balancing a check book for productivity sake…and to think that everyday life requires money, it is essential to learn about how money works. As it is, if you need to know about money, you’ll have to do your personal home work for this project. I hope you are closing the knowledge gap.
Romantic relations and dating, I think we should be taught how to relate and socialize with others. Emotional intelligence is very important especially with nudes everywhere. External images are readily available but it’s good to remember that Character is vital and healthy Relationships are crucial in our lives.
How to deal with mental health and stress – If these lessons are as basic as literacy, it will go along away to prevent Burnouts or Depression. With this knowledge, these sad trends can be avoided and eventually Suicide reduction, as the numbers are ridiculous.
Learning how to take care of you, this will be cool to learn, don’t you think so? Hmm… The flogging on the fingers was my school’s way, (too extreme in my opinion) of stopping us from keeping long nails. We all need to give ourselves treats and help ourselves instead of waiting for someone to help us. Improve on yourself, pay for trainings, vacations .Be the best version of you.
How to make friends and be more social .I heard It’s tougher to make new friends after you finish school. Your Network determines your Network. Dale Carnegie can help us out here in his popular book…
Also, learning how to learn for yourself not just for higher marks .Study, do and become whatever you want without linking stuff to grades. Get the knowledge and leverage that in your personal lives. Always remember that Learning involves Time, Focus and feedback.
Learn about Taxes and bills; how to budget. These are valuable skills .
How to find your values and your passion, this could be useful if the schools can create a framework to help people find out these things about themselves .I read somewhere that we are having a huge identity crisis, because we never ask ourselves, ‘what do I want to feel like in my life’, ‘What are the things that I like and dislike?’, ‘Do I share the same trait, do I nurture it?’ and ‘How do I want people to treat me?’
What makes you happy? Yes,you!
We should also learn about Picking a partner, and the city to live in .Yes!
How to find the right job or how to ace an interview ,Preparing for an interview-how to structure a CV and how to project ourselves for the job we want.
Selling an idea ; selling has such a bad rep, it shouldn’t be. I am still learning how to sell as an entrepreneur.
Home maintenance is crucial too .
Nutrition and food.
How to fix basic things .We have a lot of DIY tutorials on YouTube.This we save you a lot of stress.
Your online presence ; We all need to learn how to conduct ourselves online. Your online presence is the cover of the book that is you. And folks are judging you based on it…this is the reality we live in today.
How to speak in Public ; speaking publicly makes you confident and comfortable and more attractive, the ability to speak persuasively and clearly goes a long way .Practice it regularly. Last Sunday ,I had to talk at a friend’s wedding. Toastmasters international came to the rescue. Go get their videos.
Tracking your spending, you will be able to make adjustments and improve on your finances.
Communication skills ;Being able to communicate your thoughts and feelings to the people you helps and prevents you from being misunderstood.
Staying present in the moment ; Our struggles and worries, diminish when we stop stressing ourselves about the past and future.
Learning a new language; This increases intelligence .
Learning how to say thank you, Showing gratitude is good. You can send ‘thank you’ notes, expressing your gratitude as a start.
What do you think? Let me know in the comments below…and also
Writing professionally.
Critical thinking is crucial.
Decision making, it’s also the bridge from analysis to decision, this separates the doers from the wannabes.
Consistency is vital to maintaining any kind of success.
Researching is an essential skill too.
Knowing when to shut up and keep quiet especially when you have good points but you are agitated.
Asking for help or advice, asking for this doesn’t mean you are weak, you are acknowledging the other person’s expertise.
Negotiating skills, it helps you hold the cards effectively.
What do you think? More skills out there? Let me know in the comment section.