One fateful day, My brother and I were playing infront of our ‘No 7’ house in Bristow Qtrs,Gboko and someone was passing and this person stopped to ask for direction and my elder brother explained in detail . The man was impressed and he gave him 20 kobo ,I think ( The world was better btw…strangers weren’t such a threat) .
Then I just started rolling on the floor and wailing , my mum who was inside the house heard and asked through the window “Kanyi ,kanyi, Iyo nyima we?” (What is it? Did a snake bite you?) .
I received the beating of my life that day after I explained to her that I was crying because my brother was given twenty kobo.She cautioned me too. That was the beginning of her praying for the spirit of Jealousy in Mimi to leave,I think I was 5 or 6. Kai …Mummy had no chill sha…

That Christmas, Everyone had Christmas clothes a month before December except yours truly and I stood there smiling at them as they tried on their new clothes but I was cracking inside as I stared at her empty Nylon bag ,I said to my brothers “It’s so fine”.I tried to suppress my tears and I did a bad job but I kept at it .This time,I learnt it was wrong to feel bad simply because some one has….she bought me a beautiful dress weeks after observing me. I learnt the lesson “Life is Unfair,Get over it”. That’s even the caption on my blog .
Yesterday I read something sad and this my story came back to me .
I read that some teenage friends stood and watched their friend drown in a pool because he is rich, fine and he has a lot of girls who like him.
Envy is the ulcer of the soul ,Jealousy is a form of hatred built upon insecurity.
By all means don’t dwell on your insecurities.
*Build a healthy self esteem in your children.
*Let us know the place for material things,these fleeting stuff don’t determine your true value.
*Don’t compare yourself…you are unique.
*Love yourself enough. It’s healthy and besides you will teach people how to love you in the process.
*Life is a journey and not a competition.
*Jealousy is just another name for Insecurity
*Everyone has flaws,not just you. Some are just good at hiding theirs. Some are good at not dwelling on the negatives. Don’t dwell.
*You will be happier if you deal with comparism.
*The most important things are unseen .
*You are more than what you see .What you see in the mirror is just an image of you.
* You can’t just wear the cloak and go lead a Mass service if you are not a priest.

Let me encourage , Everyone has peaks and valleys in their lives, handle your valleys well,it’s temporal .
It’s just a valley,there are peaks ahead of you. Look up!