I knew there was something inherently wrong, no matter how much was given; poverty still found a way to sneak into the home and the hands were joined together in prayer for food and the rest of them good things…very basic stuff. After the prayers in the morning, there was mostly nothing to show for what was to be done to create, plan, execute and act on the thoughts in our brains, if there was in the first place. Was there any thoughtful plan to solve the major issue other than pray and wait for someone to give us something or the next meal? I began questioning the thought process and the mindset I had and saw around, I concluded that there must be something wrong with our thinking and not just God answering our prayers, it was either the failure in managing what he entrusted in our care or using the brain he gave us properly to solve our many issues as they came daily…sentiments too.

The reality is that these life issues never go away as long as we are alive, they keep showing up in different shapes, car refusing to start, loss of a loved one, ill-health and some more and solving each gives us a sense of satisfaction and happiness, learning to dance in the rain helps too…Whatever the rain is in your lives.

One day I picked up a line that helped me, I learnt that, we were all created with some default stuff for coping with everything life may throw at us and surviving in this life. I learnt, just as different animals are created with different survival instincts so are we; we have different things that we can channel and use in order to come out of our daily challenges and issues. We just need to think about possible solutions and find that silver lining, each and every time we encounter a problem, the brains are there for us and if we can’t resolve then, we will summon courage and try again next time and pray to God to watch over it grow as the seeds are planted. I also learnt that most times why we are praying on our knees for a God to come down and do something, God is saying “but I gave you all it takes to do it, why are you still waiting on me, Take flight! “

As long as the software is processing under the poverty mindset, it will be tough to make it and even if you make some money, it will all fly away.

  1. While the rich take advice from individuals they have a high regard for, the poor take advice from people that they trust. Really? Yes, you can trust someone but not admire the person’s life/ decisions.
  2. Poor people think it’s their destiny to be poor and there is nothing they can do about it.
  3. Poor people think hard work is the only key to riches.

Hard work is vital but it’s just one of many skill sets one needs. There is sacrifice, Discipline, emotional intelligence and many more.

  1. Poor people think the rich just got lucky …Luck in the real world translates to opportunities.
  2. Poor people always say money does not grow on trees; money grows if you plant the correct seed. I remember hearing this, time and time again when I was younger.
  3. Poor people say that money is the root of all evil…the holy book actually says the love of money and not money. You can’t help anyone if you can’t even help yourself.
  4. Poor people always say they don’t do it for the money. Remember that advice ‘Do what you love’… it is a horrible advice.
  5. Poor people hope to win money instead of earning it.
  6. Poor people focus on the results instead of the process.
  7. Poor people assume that the Rich got rich through fraudulent or fetish means.
  8. Poor people think they know it all; they’ve been through it all.  Never be too proud to come clean with what you know and what you don’t.
  9. Poor people always wait for some Deity to come and save them from their poverty instead of thinking up solutions to help their pitiable state.
  10. Poor people can’t tell apart good advice from bad advice.
  11. They think Money changes people… money doesn’t change people; it just shows who they truly are.
  12. Poor people put themselves in bad situations and never leave.

I hope these few points above help and I hope we do the opposite and flourish.